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Thursday, October 25, 2012

I said in my 25 week update that I was most looking forward to my very first baby shower in Savannah, which happened last weekend. It did not disappoint!  Last Friday I flew to Atlanta to drive down with my sister, allowing some much needed QT with Becky and her cute kiddos in the backseat.  Traveling with kids sure is a different world though!  I will be sure to relish our last trips planned through Christmas before our minimalist travel style is forever cramped by little baby G…

By Friday night, the girls of my family {plus Granddaddy and Tyler} had all arrived and congregated in Savannah.  Reunions with my fam typically take place in Atlanta, so it was fun to all be together at my mom’s.

Saturday morning I was banished from the house while the ladies got everything set up.  My friend Molly, who lives in Charleston, came down early and we spent the late morning catching up and grabbing lunch.  Molly and I first met interning in DC in 2005, but we hadn’t seen each other in years.  We keep up with each other through blogs and Facebook, but it was SO good to see her and finally meet her adorable daughter.  I have no photographic evidence of our time together, but I did manage to dredge up this little gem.  Before husbands and kids and we weren’t too old for Adams Morgan {and Molly’s hair was blonde!}…

adams morgan 024adams morgan 025adams morgan 027

Back to 2012… By the time I drove back to the house, the whole place had been transformed into the cutest party of pinks and greens and birds’ nests and lady-like treats.  It was beautiful…


photo 4




image_29Treats by my mom, who knows me well: tiramasu, bacon wrapped crackers, chocolate cupcakes with maple frosting and bacon bits, and chocolate covered bacon.  Notice a theme?

image_22A perfect combination of family, old friends, and long-time family friends were there.  Above is Julia, my college roommate, and Lauren, a Savannah friend who is also expecting a baby girl in January!

image_23My friend Tyler who I love and hadn’t seen in way too long!  She has the cutest girls—Baby Lou even made an appearance.

image_32My mom & my Aunt Debbie

There was a cute video with Tyler in it where I had to guess his answers to various questions about what our post-baby life will look like.  His answers were so cute and funny, I wish I knew how to post it on here.  He’s the best!

There was also a make your own onesie station…image_11image_25How cute are these??

image_31A wishing tree filled with kind words and advice for the baby & parents to be!

image_15And we were showered with love and generosity… This baby is one lucky girl to be born into such a supportive community of family and friends!

{But can I say how WEIRD it is to have baby bath tubs and pack & plays in my house??}


Love: sister Becky with Gracie, Grandmommy, me, Aunt Debbie, Mom, cousin Kelsey, sister Angie.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching football, eating good food, and long mornings in our PJs watching princess movies.  We especially loved seeing my grandparents and spending time with Kathryn Grace, who we hadn’t seen since she was 6 wks old… It is always so good to be with family.

photo 1

photo 3

Tyler’s not excited at all to have a baby girl of his own… He’s going to make a great daddy!

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