25 Week Update!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

25 weeks

Weight Gain: 13 pounds.  No one is more surprised than me that I haven’t gained 50 yet… From 20 weeks on, I’m supposed to be gaining one pound a week, not something I’m looking forward to!

Baby's size: Baby G is the size of an eggplant—she’s 9.2 inches and weighs 2 whole pounds.

Sleep: Sleeping like a baby!  {A sleep trained baby, that is.} I dared skip Unisom ONE night. One night that coincided with my husband hallucinating in his sleep that there was a bug on my face.  Cut to us flying out of bed and throwing sheets everywhere at 3am, only to realize there was no bug, he’s just crazy.  He soundly fell back asleep and I lay awake for 3 hours bitterly listening to him snore.  THAT was the last night I skipped a Unisom.

Maternity Clothes: Still living in my full panel stretch skinny jeans, baby!  Most of my fall cardigans and tops still fit and I have a feeling leggings are about to be my new BFF…

Food cravings: Can I blame my pumpkin obsession on the baby?

Food aversions: I’m not hating ice cream as much as I once was, even had custard twice last weekend…

Symptoms: Pretty sure I can pee on command. Otherwise, this month has been amazing!  Minimal heartburn, no shortness of breath {relatively speaking}, no sleeplessness.  I am starting to get to the point where I need to change my body mechanics at work to keep away back pain—less sitting on the floor and bending over all the time. But other than that…

Doctor’s Appointment: Pretty quick and easy these days.  Her heart rate was 140 bpm last week and I was measured for the first time—24 inches top to bottom at 24 weeks.  My glucose testing is next month…

Movement: TONS!  I was going through spells where I’d feel a lot of movement for a few days and then nothing for a week.  And then movement…and then nothing.  But lately this kiddo has been karate chopping her way around my belly and I love it—it’s not annoying yet, just adorable!  Tyler can now feel it and we can see my belly move {WEIRD}.  I can’t decide if it feels like there’s an octopus in there or a bag of worms…

Belly Button: Still an inny but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to say that.  I stick my finger in there to mush it in every once in awhile {TMI?}—stay in, stay in!

What I’m looking forward to: My first shower is this weekend back home in Savannah!  I’m SO excited!

What I miss: I have this weird urge to belly dive on the bed but I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon in this establishment… Still completely jealous of all you people drinking pumpkin beer.

Gender: As far as I know, this kiddo is still a baby girl!  I hope so because she already has a small pile of clothes thanks to excited relatives, daddy, and amazing consignment sales!  Tell me, what’s the point of buying new?

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