Ch-ch-ch-changes… Part II

Thursday, September 06, 2012

{There’s no gotcha at the end of this one!}

It was Friday, August 24th at 11:30pm.  We had just returned home from a dinner with good friends on a gorgeous night out in DC.  We were giddily packing because we were leaving for Florida the next morning for our 10 day vacation {FINALLY, the last week of August}.

Tyler was looking at his phone when he said a word we don’t say in our house.  I was annoyed, thinking he was overreacting to something at work, or thinking perhaps our flight the next morning has been canceled.

“Therese {landlord} is moving back.  She wants us out September 30th”


Because of Tyler’s impending job change in January, we opted to go month to month on our lease earlier this summer.  It was a just-in-case-something-crazy-happens kind of thing—we had absolutely no intention of moving anytime soon.  Quite the opposite, we had fervently been cleaning out closets and emptying our office in preparation for a baby.  Moving was the last thing on our minds and the last thing we wanted to do.

I was stunned…and then flustered…and then angry…and then panicked.

“Not only do we have to move—something not even on our radar—we’re leaving town tomorrow and not coming back until September 3rd and we have to find a new place and move by September 30th?!?!”

And then…

“Who the flip sends an email like that on a Friday night at 11:00????”

Needless to say, Tyler and I slept for maybe an hour that night.  I no longer cared about traveling or relaxing—moving was my priority but I was completely incapacitated from doing anything about it.  Every spare second of our free time in Florida the next week was spent searching Craigslist and Remax, emailing property managers and real estate agents.

It was super fun.

Sleeping has been a bear lately because of the pregnancy and this didn’t help.  On my one week off of work, my best night of sleep was maybe six hours.  Most were four.

{Do you mind if I keep complaining?}

I stayed ridiculously irritated at our landlord and refused to respond to her email all week.  We just didn’t know what to say.  She was completely within her rights and it is her house.  But she also knows we’re pregnant, we’ve lived here for more than 2 years, and we’ve been the world’s easiest tenants {we even send a stack of checks at the beginning of the year for each month’s rent…}.  And her email pretty much said, “Hi, I’m moving back and terminating your lease.  I need you to be out by September 30th.  Thanks for being good tenants.”

No, “Hey, I know this out of the blue…” Or, “This probably catches you off guard and I’m really sorry but…” No humanity.  No niceties.

Anyway, to wrap up things up, we canceled the last portion of our trip and came home a little early because our minds were back in DC.  We spent our Labor Day driving all over the place looking at townhouses, I wore my tightest tank top and tried to look as pregnant as possible, telling all of our potential landlords our sad story about how we had no place to live. Smile

I think we looked at 10 or 12 places and they were all just okay.  Smaller than what we had or too far out of our budget or too far away.  Except for one.  There was only one house we saw that we would be excited to move to—we both loved it and filled out an application onsite.  It’s in one of our favorite neighborhoods and we have friends on the same street who live two doors down.  The kitchen and bathrooms are great, it has a backyard, and there are enough little things to do to spruce it up to make it feel like ours.

We prayed and prayed and prayed and didn’t sleep a wink waiting to hear back.

Until yesterday morning!  I was pulling into work and checked my phone before getting out of the car and there was an emailing waiting that said We GOT IT!!!

Puh-raise the Lord!

Am I still annoyed we have to move?  Sure.  But that’s not changing so I have to get over it.  Now, I’m just moving forward and spending every spare second on Pinterest trying to pick out the perfect paint colors!  I initially dreaded the thought of decorating a house because I was so focused on the baby, but I think Tyler & I have both grown excited and are looking forward to our time in this house…

photo 2{Isn’t this a pretty kitchen??}

It’s funny how it all worked out—I still have no idea why this happened, is God just trying to keep us on our toes or are we supposed to live somewhere else for a reason?  Who knows.  But as usual, God provides just enough, just in time {Did I mention this place is slightly bigger and less expensive than where we are now?}.  The last two weeks have been emotionally insane, but I’m excited for what awaits us.  Prepare yourself for some fun Before & Afters!

So, that’s where I’ve been!  Beyond this distraction, our time at the RNC in Florida was really fun and interesting.  I have lots of stories and pictures to share in the next post!  For now, I have to get back to packing.  We move in 21 days! Mama Bear is not messing around—my inner Monica Geller is in overdrive!

Talk soon.

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