First Trimester Rundown

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seeing that I’m three weeks into my second trimester, I thought it was probably time I give a little update beyond “I’m pregnant!”  My type A personality won’t let me just skip the first trimester OR combine the two into one post… So I’ll just give a first trimester run down and try to keep up with future updates in real time.  Now that I’m starting to look a little pregnant and actually feel different week to week, it’s much more fun to share.  {Though you might be bored—sorry!}

This is just an overall summary of the first three months…

Symptoms: For the most part, I couldn’t have asked for an easier first trimester.  I definitely nodded along as I read my BabyCenter updates each week…bloated…gassy…tired…except when it came to, “You might find yourself hugging the toilet this week” or “Maybe all you can eat these days are crackers…”  I never had any morning sickness and only occasionally felt brief pangs of nausea.  GASSY, crampy, peeing constantly {Seriously—nothing caught me more off guard than being five seconds pregnant and peeing every twenty minutes.  I kept thinking, “I thought this was when the baby gets bigger?!?”}. 

There were days where I just felt “funny” but I could never tell what was a pregnancy thing and what was a normal part of life thing.  There were about two or three weeks where I was exhausted but I found that giving in and taking long naps after work just made me feel worse when I woke up.  I actually found going for a walk or a run significantly helped keep my energy up.

Weight gain: About two pounds, even though it feels like ten.  And I definitely noticed that I stopped losing weight {whereas I would typically come back from a run a few pounds lighter—never happens}.

Doctors Appointments: Met our doctors at week 8 for blood work and an exam {most interesting news: I don’t have any chicken pox immunity!}.  Met again at 12 weeks to hear the heart beat {155 bpm} and had an ultrasound as part of genetic screening covered by our insurance.  I spent the first 11 weeks really having trouble believing I was pregnant and feeling like all of our “baby talk” was just hypothetical…until that ultrasound.  Baby G was moving all over the place and neither of us could believe that was inside me and I couldn’t feel a thing.  I’m pretty sure Tyler carried that ultrasound picture to the car as gently as if it were the baby itself…

Funniest moment: A giant scary jumpy thing crawled out from under the counter while I was immobilized in the bathroom one night around 3am.  I screamed bloody murder and Tyler came flying around the corner, fresh out of sleep, eyes wide, trying to figure out what rapist was hiding in our shower.  Realizing I was overreacting, I quickly tried to calm him down and assure him it was just a bug but his face when he came flying in the room still makes me laugh out loud.  He doesn’t think it was funny so I just assure him he’s going to make a good papa bear.

I remember…: Telling my sister, “It’s ALL I think about…even though there’s nothing to think about!”  I likened it to that point in planning your wedding where you did all the big stuff {booked the church, the photographer, found the dress}, and then there are those months where you just…wait.  The big stuff is taken care of and it’s too early to start tying ribbons on the programs.  In the first few days and weeks, I constantly checked all of my baby apps but this got boring after awhile so I decided to enjoy the last few months of normalcy where I didn’t really look or feel pregnant…

What I’m Afraid Of…: I know that there is a profound love I will have that exists at such a depth I cannot prepare myself.  But I also find that I can’t yet focus on the fact that we will be PARENTS; that we have been given this enormous responsibility and we will eventually have a walking, talking HUMAN that we have been generously charged with loving and caring for and molding and shaping… Because if I do, I freak. out.  And there is enough to freak out about, so I’m just going to take it one day at a time before I fully weigh what’s in store for the next 20 years.


And because all of the bump pictures we’ve taken so far are on Tyler’s camera which is with him in another part of the country, this is all I have of me… Waiting for our ultrasound at 12 weeks.

The end!  I’ll do a sixteen week update tomorrow that should be a little shorter...

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