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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey Reader!

I recently reached out to a few friends for feedback and insight into my Etsy store for the Holiday 2012 season and I thought it only made sense to reach out to you too!  Look, if you read my blog you must have amazing taste, right?


As we're heading into Fall, I’m beginning to make plans for holiday items and gifts so that I don’t find myself as crazy as I was last year!  I've been pretty lazy with my shop since early spring {partially due to the fume exposure from those coasters and something about inhaling aerosol glue being bad for babies, blah blah blah} but I’m determined to get it up and moving again and be more organized than last year.

Here’s where you come in… I'm reaching out for feedback on any items you wish were offered but weren't {I had several requests for stockings last year}, ideas for new items, designs ideas, changes on existing items, or anything else you can think of!

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{For a refresher, click here to see the sold items over the last year...}

And to give you a sense for what I’m thinking...

Items I likely won't be making again {mostly due to the amount of time it takes to make or lack of supplies}: picture frames, decoupage ornaments, chalkboard tags

{Should I absolutely not remove any of these?}

New items: Stockings, monogrammed ornaments {three letter design-- last year was single}, 2013 monogrammed calendars {individual monthly cards you would frame on your desk or hang in a floating frame}, monogrammed jar candles, monogrammed plates, etched casserole dishes…

Calendar Draft

Same items: burlap lumbar pillows {long and narrow-- I will be adding red burlap pillows and potentially offering a new design or two}, iPhone cases, dish towels

I'm also considering having an open house this year to buy items onsite-- if you're local, would this be of interest to you?  Or are the holidays just too busy?  Are people already hosting too many "parties" {like me and Stella & Dot!—ha}?  Be honest!

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!  I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to make it all happen but I’d love to know what folks with fantastic taste are looking for.  If you’re like my friend Julia, you’ll have fifty picture references, so feel free to email if that works better! 

Who knows…maybe a little elf will send you a coupon in a few months… :)

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