Birthday Reflections

Monday, August 13, 2012

I have always felt older than I really am.  At least since the age of 12.  So with each birthday, I always caught myself looking ahead. “Great, I’m 13.  But next year, I’ll be FOURTEEN!”  Even into my 20s, when everyone else commented on how old they felt, I was perfectly content to turn 25…26…27… I felt like my numerical age was finally starting to catch up to my personality and state of mind. 

I wasn’t a crazy party girl in college and even from a young age, always felt a little more serious than my peers.  But 28 was the first year I really felt like a 28 year old… Out of college long enough to be respected as an adult, finished with grad school and establishing my long awaited career, four years into marriage and finding a nice stride.  It was okay to host dinner parties.  No one expected me to be in a bar on Friday night.  And I have found a confidence in my skin, my lifestyle, my interests, my body, my quietness… My late 20s were good to me and I expect it keeps getting better.

But I’m not so sure I’m looking ahead this year. 28 was great with me. 29 is fine.  But my thirties?  I just don’t know… 30 I can handle.  Maybe 31 and 32.  But “thirties” also means 37…38...39…my next “big” birthday meaning I’m turning 40. That I just don’t know about.

With your late twenties, it’s okay to be mature and responsible but still allows the possibility to be cool.  Thirties and with a kid, I feel like I’m supposed to drive a minivan and wear those stupid Sketcher shoes.  And I might not be cool enough for Georgetown bars anymore, but I’m way too cool for Sketchers. 

So maybe next year I’ll just have another 29th birthday… It’ll give me more time to check off some of those To Dos.

*Apologies if you are offended by said Sketchers comment.  But those rocker bottom shoes really aren’t cool…

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