30 Before…Next Year.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

What the what, I only have one more year to get all this junk done??  Yesterday was my birthday {also known as, my birfday}— officially marking the last year in my 20s.  Nothing like an ambitious list of To Dos to put a little more pressure on yourself… Have I mentioned I’m also supposed to birth and care for an infant in the same year?  Not sure how that’s all going to happen… Anywho.  Here’s my progress!

1. Have a baby. {I’m working on it!}

2. Go on a family vacation with any branch of our gargantuan family. {Third party locations only. Visiting relatives does not count.}

3. Eat Baconnaise. {On every sandwich for the rest of my life…} {Aug 2010}

4. Spend a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard.

5. Watch my Georgia Bulldawgs win a national championship. In Football. {This is the last season possible, meaning IF this happens, I will be 9 months pregnant.  This presents two problems—I probably won’t be able to go to the game.  And when I watch it, it will probably send me into early labor.}

6. Run a half-marathon {I’ve only started training 3 times…} {Nov 2011} {And three 10 milers since!}

7. Learn how to sew.  For real. {Or at least get past the whole threading the bobbin thing…} I did it!  I did it!  I don't have a blog post about it, but while on a long visit home, my mom officially taught me how to connect two pieces of fabric without using a glue gun. {Aug 2011}

8. Be entirely debt free. {Haha.}

9. Tour a winery in Charlottesville.

10. Tour a winery in Napa Valley. {Nov 2011}

11. Finally put together our wedding album.

12. Go camping.  Anywhere. Overnight. {October 2011}

13. Send everyone in my family a birthday card on their birthday…in the same year.

14. Kiss Tyler under the Eiffel Tower.  {August 2010} {On our anniversary, no less!}

15. Take my sister-in-law to New York City for a girls weekend.

16. Go to a Garth Brooks concert.

17. Go visit all of our friends from college who we always tell, “We totally want to come see you!” {This one’s a little vague isn’t?}

18. Learn how to water ski. {Realistic rating: –16.} {I don’t even know why I wrote this one…I barely tolerate tubing.}

19. Take a golf lesson {so I can wear an argyle vest and a cute visor.}

20. Take a cake decorating class.

21. Go on a couples or a group vacation with friends.

22. Read through the Bible in one year.

23. Go to the Kentucky Derby. Crazy hat and all. {What do I care, crazy hat or not.} (May 2011)

24. Visit Boston in the fall. {We’ve already done this but we l.o.v.e.d. it and have to go back.}

25. Successfully prepare one super complicated dinner from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” {One. None of this “cook my way through” business.}

26. See “South Pacific” on Broadway.  (Dec 2010 @ The Kennedy Center)

27. Watch the complete list of AFI’s Top 100 movies. {Not even close…}

28. Write my own cupcake recipe.

29. Go to a Saturday Night Live taping

30. Take a trip with just my mom and sisters. {New York, March 2012}

So, 9 out of 30 ain’t so great… Some of the big ones might be hard to scratch off but I really have no excuse to not cook a Julia Child meal or take a cake decorating class right? Right.  I’m re-inspired to make this last year in my 20s pretty spectacular—according to everyone and their mother, once this baby comes I will never again leave the house or do anything remotely fun. Smile

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