Girls Day Out

Monday, July 23, 2012

So, this girl’s trip happened awhile ago… But I figure it’s WAY more interesting than sharing my closet cleaning tales and recent organization obsession.  Or about how I’ve been watching the girliest movies possible while my husband has been traveling on business {“First Position”—has anyone seen that?? No?  What about “A Princess for Christmas” on Hallmark?} closet-a 2
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So, a girl’s day out recap it is!  My friend Julia, who is part of my Bible study group, organized an awesome girls outing for us last month.  She recently moved a bit farther out to a gorgeous house in the ‘burbs with her husband and pup.  These guys worked their batookies off all winter and spring transforming their home and she hosted us for lunch so we could finally get a glimpse of all their hard work…


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We enjoyed a great lunch out on their patio but not before getting a tour of the place.  I swear, Julia’s been painting non-stop since December!  Once I saw the ceiling heights in there, I understood why…

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I think Julia could give lessons on how to dress shelves & tabletops—I always see great ideas at her house!  There are more beautiful rooms but I suck at taking pictures and they all came out blurry.  She’s been blogging her progress along the way, so go check out Lemon & Mint Design for more pictures of her peacock blue home office and the green campaign dresser I salivate over… I’m telling you, she has great taste.

After lunch, we drove a bit further out to my first barn sale.  Barn sales happen around here every quarter or so out in the country lands of Virginia and Maryland.  I’ve wanted to go to one foreeeever and I was so glad to finally have an excuse to go.  We ended up at the Ekster barn sale. And here’s how to works..

There’s a family and they live in this house…


And next to the house are three big barns that look like this…


So the family goes to Europe a few times a year and loads up shipping containers full of treasures—primarily cool, old oversized furniture.  There are a ton of other accessories {candlesticks and hurricanes and such…} that I’m positive aren’t European imports, but still look great and are a bit cheaper.  Most of the accessories are pretty Homegoods-esque but it is WAY more fun to shop for hurricanes in a rustic old barn with dirt on the floor.


I would have stayed all day if I weren’t carrying around old slate roof tiles that weighed 6 lbs each {I’m using them as chargers—$4 apiece and they look amazing}.  The only downfall was that I got home and was utterly disappointed my entire house wasn’t French country…

Our last stop was Sunset Hills Vineyard just down the road.  It was an insanely beautiful day, so the winery was insanely crowded and we didn’t end up staying very long… But check out these pictures—this place was gorgeous and so fun.  Totally worth a trip back out in the fall when the air is crisp.

image_5image_2{The tasting room}image_3A pavilion across the way house tables and chairs where you an enjoy your wine & food purchases.  There was a live band playing and families picnicking all over the lawn…image_4I will be back!

Thank you to Julia for organizing such a great girls outing.  There aren’t any dates posted for Ekster’s next barn sale BUT if you’re local and interested, you can always hit up Luckett’s.  Their store is open daily and they have a design house on site that they renovate monthly {it’s on my barn sale bucket list}.  They took off the month of July but their next design house reveal is August 3rd & 4th.  I will be out of town—go check it out for me and report back!  Pretty please.

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