Monday, July 02, 2012

That's the number of homes in Northern Virginia still without power Dominion Power posted today. And we are one of them! Everyday it seems like more and more traffic lights are back on, gas stations back open, restaurants lit back up... So we keep thinking, "Surely we'll get power back soon..." We've been saying that since Saturday...

We were just wrapping up a nice night out with friends on Friday {we went to see "Memphis" at the Kennedy Center-- great show!}, eating cupcakes on the rooftop, when our friend mentioned a thunderstorm was coming through. We didn't think much of it but decided we'd all head home to beat the rain.

{Spoiler alert-- we didn't beat the rain.}

What started as typical thunderstorm winds turned into crazy scary winds in a crazy scary fast way. Huge gusts of dirt and debris, branches and leaves blowing everywhere. It wasn't even raining yet but it sounded like it the way the car was getting pelted. Then crazy scary rain joined the crazy scary wind, at which point every light on the interstate, as well as every city light within sight went dark.

I've driven through crazy storms on the interstate before. The kind where you turn on your hazards or pull over for the storm to pass. This was not one of those storms. There would be no pulling over. This was a drive-as-fast-as-you-possibly-safely-can-and-get-the-heck-off-the-road situation. A crazy scary storm situation.

And that's exactly what we did. By the time we pulled into our neighborhood, huge trees were already uprooted {this all transpired in ten minutes or less} and it was clear we would not have electricity. This was the least of our concerns and as we sprinted to the front door, I was just thankful to be home and not crushed under a tree.

{Four days later, I'm developing a slightly different attitude...}

All in all, it is what it is. What are we going to do about it? We're lucky to have a basement where we've been sleeping in our guest room {as such, I would like to formally apologize to any family or friends we've made sleep in that bed!}, where the temperatures are relatively cool.

So our weekend went a little something like this...

- Eat out
- IKEA trip
- Eat out
- See a movie
- Eat out
- Drive around to charge our phones
- Try and make Tyler have a serious conversation with me
- Eat out
- Complain about how fat we are
- Ask "Would you rather questions" until midnight
- Church
- Lunch at friends'
- Drive around to charge our phones
- Eat out

Sooo... we are officially fat and broke! But we've been staying out of the house as late as possible and only going home to sleep.

{Where we lay on top of the covers, stare at the ceiling, and stay as far away from each other as humanly possibly in a double bed. It's super relaxing.}

It was all bearable until it was time to go back to work today. It's one thing to be gross and sweaty and wearing a hat when you're just eating out all day. But by the end of night three, we both turned to each other this morning and officially waved our little white flags...

So here we are! On night four of the Derecho 2012 aftermath, well fed with hot, FREE food from awesome friends, sleeping UNDER THE COVERS, in air conditioning!!, mind littered with the Bachelorette and the Food Network, phones charging in walls, and my feet are even cold!! at the home of some other super generous friends we are lucky to have.

It's been an uncomfortable couple of days for sure. But our home isn't damaged, the cars are full of gas, and our hearts are still beating. We have been reminded of the generosity of so many great friends we have, even in this cynical city. We're doing just fine and God is good. {All the time.}

So I'll just save my complaining for worthier topics... Like reclining airline seats!!! :)

Thanks for checking on us. Hope the rest of you are faring well and staying out of the heat!

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