Wednesday check-in…

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My ten year reunion is this year—have I told you that?  I've been inundated lately with Facebook notifications with all of the big plans-- crazy!  I wish I could be all, “Oh, I feel so oooold” but honestly, this all feels like a solid twenty years ago.

{Seriously...this is the best graduation picture I could find! Apparently I didn't learn how to part my hair in high school...}

My new position with my job started last week, which means I’m out of the office two mornings a week doing home visits.  I like it for the change in scenery and freedom in my time and scheduling, but it will definitely be an adjustment going into someone’s homes and taking charge.  It’s much different than when I’m on my own turf.  The families have been great so far though!

Change of subject: in a 24 hour period, I received a text, an email, and a FB post from three different people, all sharing some bacon-related product with me.  Apparently I’ve made it clear on here that I love bacon!

Moving on...

So, I was in New York last week/weekend for a {life changing, revolutionary, brilliant} continuing ed class that required me to bring a very large doll.
Cut to me trying to figure out how to carry THIS through the streets of Manhattan. Lucky for me, I am prone to carry extremely large purses… {Airport security on Sunday was a whole ‘nother story!}

Most of my time in the city was spent in the class, but we did squeeze in enough time for some great food, shopping, and we went to see Once Musical.

Quick review: Amazing. Eleven Tony nominations. Irish musicians.  Fiddles, cellos, accordions. Foot stomping.  The music, the music, the music.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about before the Tony Awards on Sunday, especially since I’ve seen Newsies one, or two, or three times {shhhh…}.  You can’t really compare the two because they’re such different styles of musicals—Once is less flashy and energetic, more serious and dramatic, but insanely good music.  It was easy to see why they raked up at the Tony’s {which was especially fun to watch since we’d just seen the show the night before} and Steve Kazee easily gave the best speech of the night…
In other news, we’re heading to Savannah this weekend to meet this precious little one…
And just because it’s funny {Becky, I hope you don’t mind}, here are a few pictures of the new sisters.
How funny is Halley’s face in that first picture!  I laugh every time.

It will officially be our last planned trip until the end of August—isn’t that exciting?!?  We’ve put a self-imposed travel ban on ourselves for the month of July.  I can’t wait to put away our suitcases for awhile…  Thanks for checking in-- Happy Wednesday!

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