Some days…

Monday, May 07, 2012

Some days, I just want to sit behind a computer and answer a phone… To not be energetic or talkative or making up a game at 8am.

Some days, I don’t want to deal with crazy parents.  Or clean baby vomit out of my watch.

Some days I don’t want to share or be flexible or accommodating with my office space…

Some days, I don’t want to remind a kid one. more. time. to SIT CRISS-CROSS APPLESAUCE!!

…but some days, you’re playing with a child rescued from a dumpster in Armenia who has only been in the States for a few months and is just learning English.  He is fascinated with every new word he learns and belly laughs at the site of bubbles.

…and some days, you watch parents gasp and choke back tears as they watch the child they desperately worry for stand up all by themselves for the first time.

…Or you show a 10 yr old boy how one year ago they were in the 4th percentile for strength and now they’re in the 50th!! And a huge smile shoots across their face. {Or say, “Was I tired that first day of testing??”Smile}

…and some days a high maintenance parent you’ve struggled with for a year, brings you a giant bouquet of flowers.  Or you receive an email from an old patient full of thanks and pictures of their growing baby.  Or your boss gives you a Starbucks card just to say thanks…

And most days fall in between that emotional spectrum!  But today was a doozie and I was tired and grumpy, so I need to remember those some days…

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