Pros & Cons…

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Tyler’s been out of the country for work over the last week… I typically don’t mind when T travels—I enjoy the down time, making my own schedule, staying up too late… But after a few days, I’m ready for the man to return to the castle… This long trip got me thinking, just what are the pros & cons of my husband being out of town?


1. I get the parking spot everyday.

2. As much Late Night as I want—without the passive aggressive tossing and turning from the guy to my right.

3. The house stays clean and I don’t skip workouts. {I don’t want to imply my husband makes me lazy buuuuut….}

4. Cheaper grocery bills!

5. Unlimited Bethenny Ever After instead of unlimited Storage Wars {I swear—I like that show but it is always. on.}


1. No one to pick up the scary jumpy things.

2. No post- work chitchat—I can easily go for more than twelve hours without saying a word until I get back to work the next morning.

3. Who’s going to set the coffee pot?? I have no idea how to work that thing…

4. No one’s around to make fun of my local news habit.  “Yes!! Doug Kammerer is on!”

5. I worry.  Especially when he’s in sketchy parts of the world.

6. Being out of touch—secondary to busy schedules and the time change, we’ve only spoken twice since he left.  Almost everything about his trip I know from Facebook, Twitter, and the Saudi newspapers…

Tyler Suadi{I’d know that bald spot anywhere!}

7. I miss him! I’m ready for my BFF to come home…

{In case you were keeping count, the cons outweigh the pros.}

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