Barely keeping up!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ahhhh!!  Life is busy guys… I’m finally getting back on here after a crazy few weeks.  In addition to a trip or two and visiting in-laws, I’m starting a new role at my job the first week of June which has me taking certification training modules that take MUCH longer than they say they do… I’ve also been running like crazy and I’m trying not to lose my mojo, so by the time I get home from work, run, have dinner, and sit on the computer for four hours every night, life has left little time for the ol’ blob.  I mean blog.

However, in the past fourteen days, a few things have happened…

Our peonies have come and gone…

I hosted another Stella & Dot party for a friend I know from work—is this stuff gorgeous or what?  Since I hosted my first party back in the fall, I have been thoroughly in love with this jewelry! 
Plus, it was the perfect excuse for girly desserts and cocktails! {I could write a whole blog post on my love of beer cocktails right now… }  I’m so excited to use my hostess rewards to buy this, this {in turquoise}, and this! {Okay, and maybe this…} Yes, it’s pricey but that’s what hostess rewards are for!  You’d be surprised what you get… Everyone should host a party {and nobody paid me to say that}!

I welcomed summer at this season’s first Truckeroo {or as I call it, Truckerooooooooooo!} with my friend Ashley.  When the baseball team is away, once a month all of the DC food trucks convene at the baseball stadium for a food festival-type atmosphere.  There are live bands, outdoor bars, and beautiful summer weather that encourages you to stay longer while you bounce from food truck to food truck.  You pay nothing to get in, just for the food you eat, which ranges from $3 - $15.

We shamelessly feasted on empanadas, mac & cheese {with cheez-it crumble topping—brilliant!}, pot stickers, cupcakes, milkshakes, and waited in THIS line for Korean BBQ tacos!  I believe my exact quote at the end of the night was, “Tooooooo muuuuuch delicious.”

We also traveled to Lexington last weekend to watch these guys get married!The ceremony was outside on the grounds of Spindletop and the weather could not have been more perfect {Five years later, I still find myself a little jealous of perfect wedding day weather!  You people and all your pretty outdoor wedding pictures…}.

The bride’s nephew—have you ever seen a cuter way to use a ring bearer??  I swear, they could rent that kid out for weddings…

We know Neal & Elizabeth from their time in DC, but they’re now back in Texas {the land that eats our friends} so it was fun to be back together with all of our Texas friends who all reunited in Kentucky for the festivities.

And THEN {see why I haven’t had time to blog??}, last Friday we braved the I-95 Memorial Day traffic and drove up to Baltimore for a Corey Smith concert.  I have been listening to this guy since college and this was my first concert of his.  Maybe I’d overhyped the concert in my mind OR perhaps I just had an entirely different image in my mind of what the concert would be like because I just wasn’t overwhelmed with love for the whole experience {or maybe it had something to do with Corey Smith changing the words to my favorite classic Georgia songs!! Hmmmm…}.  That being said, it was a good concert and really fun to just be out with Tyler.

{Adam Ezra grouped—great opener}

We stayed the night in Baltimore {in the most comfortable bed ever—thank you Sheraton}, slept in late and ordered room service, before heading to Annapolis for a cookout with friends.

Once back home, we spent the rest of the weekend doing a little of this…

And a little of that…

And today we went back to work….{wah wah}. But the best thing about a three day weekend is a four day work week!  We’re here for one whole weekend before we head off on another adventure… We’re busy but we’re definitely blessed—please don’t read a word of this as complaining.  {Some days I just think I take too much on!}

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope y’all had a great weekend.

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