Just in case you were wondering…

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I AM still trying to convince my husband to move to New York.

{In the spirit of moving to New York, I WANT to sell everything I own.}

I have NOT run more than five miles since Christmas

{Important to note, I am running a 10 miler in two weeks}.

I survived my Lent fast from Facebook .

{But wasn’t nearly as excited to get back on as I thought I’d be.}

US Airways just introduced has direct flights from DC to Savannah, Omaha, and Bentonville, AR.

{We suspect our moms bought the airline.}

My work calendar is slammed for the next three weeks.

{And I don’t have additional comments on this.}

I actively hate my bangs on an hourly basis

{And don’t know what to do about it.}

I owe April Harvey a video blog.

{And I’m recording it tomorrow—eep!}

And I finally saw the Hunger Games this weekend!

{It was really good.}

That’s all. I have writer’s block.  Happy Tuesday!

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