Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It was a pretty fantastic weekend…the perfect balance of fun and productive and lazy…warm and beautiful and cold and wet—all in three days!

After work on Friday, I drove to Old Town to pick up my bib for Sunday’s race from Pacers on King Street.  It was insanely gorgeous out so I spent a few extra minutes walking around… I love Old Town.
Friday night, we met our friends the Terrys at the ballpark for our first Nats game of the season.  I was afraid I was going to be cold once the sun went down, but it was the perfect, mild night to sit under the stars, drink beer, and shell peanuts.  The Nats are good this year {!!} so the game was over pretty early.  Too bad because I could have stayed out there all night…

Saturday, after a mini workout with Tyler and a little work in the backyard, we cleaned ourselves up and headed over to Capitol Hill for church {since my race was the next morning}.  Despite a forecast for rain all day, it was still ridiculously nice out so we stopped for froyo and walked up and down Barrack’s Row before church started.  The Saturday Nat’s game had just gotten out and the Caps were playing on TV so every restaurant and sidewalk café was spilling over with fans…

{Church was amazing—the sermon by Heather was incredible.  She is such a gifted teacher…this is a must listen. Seriously. Do it.}

Our church is on Barrack’s Row, two doors down from Matchbox—home of stupidly good pizza.  So I opted out of carb loading on pasta in lieu of pizza and salad.  I ordered this prosciutto, fig, and arugula pizza that now takes the place of the “Primetime” as my current fave.

The forecast the next morning called for 45 degree temps with heavy rain and winds, so my participation in the 10 miler was up in the air, but I was still in bed at 10:30…

{Only to lay there wide awake for at least a solid hour—I mean, when was the last time I was in bed at 10:30??}

It was barely drizzling when I woke up at 6 so I was in! 

{Running 10 miles in the rain just makes me a legit badass, right?} 

I donned my running tights, a windbreaker, and my Georgia hat, grabbed my phone & a Cliff bar and was out the door with my friend Amy at 6:30 for what would be my favorite race yet!

We easily parked at the Patton Office and immediately boarded a shuttle to the race start.  By 7 am, we were at Mt. Vernon with the other 5,000 runners.  Everything ran seamlessly, there were no corrals, and the race started exactly at 8:00.  Small races are my jam! 

This was my first attempt at taking a picture running… Don’t worry, I got better.

The race course was a straight shot down the GW Parkway from Mt. Vernon to Old Town.  The hills are rolling and mild, the trees are plush and green, and the Potomac runs on your right with beautiful homes and neighborhoods on your left.  Despite the cold, soggy weather, it was still really beautiful.

This was approaching the finish in Old Town, somewhere after the 9 mile marker.  It was really raining by this time and it was approaching 10am so you could smell the bacon coming from every brunch spot on Union Street—it was exceedingly torturous and motivating all at the same time.

I’d called Tyler from mile 7 to cue him to get his butt down to Old Town to grab a table for us at Chadwick’s.  So after finding Amy at the finish line, we walked over to the restaurant sopping wet and went straight to our table where we drank $3 mimosas and delicious, well-deserved brunch {with a side of bacon} until.… I couldn’t stay awake anymore and really needed a private bathroom.

{Side note—truly, this race was so well organized, and the course easy and beautiful, I recommend it to anyone! Especially if you’re new to longer races and are intimidated by the larger Cherry Blossom, Army, or Marine races.  Do it!  Run the Parkway Classic!}

So by 12:30, I was showered and cuddled up in bed where I dozed and watched movies for the rest of the rainy cold day!  Plus, I checked my time and I’d beat my Army 10 Miler time!  Nothing in me felt bad for my laziness…  It was kinda the perfect day.

Actually, it was the perfect weekend.  Again please!

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