Farmhouse Table Makeover

Friday, April 27, 2012

Farmhouse tables seem to be all the rage these days… With every flip of the catalog page, I seem to come across another rustic metal and distressed wood beauty.

Allow me to share a few examples…


Spotted at PB back in February…


PB catalog… Cute desk with $600 price tag.


Ballard Design for $350


Ballard Design desk for $399


Ballard Design console for $269

So imagine my surprise when I found THIS sitting on the curb RIGHT outside of our house during a big junk Saturday…


LOOK at that table!!  Despite being topless {teehee}, I knew I had to have it and hauled it inside.  This thing is just as heavy as it looks—100% sturdy, solid metal.  It looked a little dirty but I knew a little steel wood and a few pieces of wood were all I needed to make this baby good as new.

{Tyler was super excited when he got home.  That’s what he gets for being out of town on big junk Saturday.}

I am not smart enough to turn this into tutorial and actually explain HOW we took on this little project, but I can say we did a little math and Home Depot cut some 1x6s for us…



Tyler lovingly stained them with joy and gusto.

{He really did—if only he loved and participated in all of my little projects like this!}


We {Tyler} drilled holes that aligned with the holes on the table base.


And then I got a hammer and a screwdriver and beat the crap out of the table. {You can’t really tell, but I did.}


And then I tapped some useless decorative carpet tacks into the edges of the boards…


And then we had to wait…and wait..and dry.

And then we moved it downstairs to enjoy it under the window in our kitchen!


I kinda love it!


A better view of the details… Isn’t it gorg?


And then, to top it all off, I saw THIS picture on Pinterest the other day.  I mean, that’s MY table!  Except some joker had thrown it out on the street. These people need to be taken to the loony bin.

{Or not—I’ll gladly keep stealing your treasure!}

Barefoot Daydreams_Farmhouse Table

The beauty of this table, besides costing $30 to refurbish, was that I didn’t want it to look perfect.  The boards aren’t perfectly aligned, the nails aren’t even, and there’s rust in the little nooks and crannies—and that’s exactly how it should be! This has been favorite project in awhile… Big junk Saturday is coming up next weekend and guess who’s out of town again? Smile

Thanks for stopping by—Happy Friday!

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