Back to school

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I wish I could tell you about my super relaxing weekend and how I slept in everyday and I’m so refreshed and ready to head back to work tomorrow…

BUT I spent all day Friday and Saturday at a continuing ed course that coincidentally was held at my grad school alma mater.

I took off of work on Friday to attend the course and was actually thrilled at the prospect of sitting down for eight hours, drinking coffee, and listening to a lecture.  I love my job but I constantly struggle to be fun and energetic with my three year old patients at 8:30 in the morning, so the idea of sitting quietly gave me a great amount of joy.

{I’ve mentioned I’m not a morning person, no?}

Not only was I getting a break from seeing patients for the day, I was oozing with nostalgia and sentimentality heading back to my old stomping grounds…

I was sure to leave early enough to allow time to stop at Booeymonger’s {“Booey’s”} to grab a cup of my favorite hazelnut coffee {I reluctantly resisted the toasted bagel, per my old usual}.  Turns out, I had the time of the course wrong and was a half hour early {which was nothing like my grad school days!}.

{I can’t tell you how many mornings of my life started with this cup of coffee, sitting in the back of the room in one of these blue chairs.}

So I headed up to the sixth floor to walk around the PT school…

It’s easy to project happy feelings on such a grueling time of life when you’re a few years removed from it.  But even then, even when it sucked, even when it was hard and you were exhausted.  Even when you couldn’t memorize one more spinal pathway or re-write that thesis sentence one more time.  Even when you hadn’t seen your friends and family in weeks and were stealing naps in the treatment labs, a part of me always enjoyed it.  I knew this time of my life was eventually going to be a great “remember when,” that I was working towards a goal that was really worth it, and that I was really proud of myself for getting through it.

And even though it’s hard to stay in touch, I will always be bonded to my class for everything we went through together.  Palpating awkward, highly personal bony landmarks in our very first lab.  Sweating it out in the hallways waiting our turn for practical exams.   Sharing a beer after semester finals with no concern for our grades, we were just so relieved to be done.  That time Kelly slipped in the cadaver juices after the wet vac started leaking?  That still makes me laugh out loud.

It was really hard and really fun and really worth it.  It’s a time of my life I’ll always remember fondly and never be able to return to.

So it was super fun to be back for the day and walk the halls… and say high to old professors…and find our class picture on the wall.

And then I had homework on Friday night and I was like, “THANK GOD I’M DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL!!”

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