You know what we did…?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Grassmeyers did something pretty crazy President’s Day weekend…Something epic. Something unprecedented.

Re-arrange our basement so we could blow up a giant air matress and pull an all-nighter cleaning off our DVR, eating Italian take out and cookie dough I made solely for the sake of eating cookie dough?

image image image 

No!  Well…yes. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

We bought a sofa!! A real, big, comfortable, expensive, grown-up sofa.

I can count on one hand the pieces of furniture in our house NOT from Ikea, Target, or rescued from the street.  And I’m proud of myself for making do with little. I like it that we were broke newlyweds, struggling through grad school, buying our first piece of furniture, an Ikea sofa, off of Craigslist.

And that darn Ektorp looks just as good today as the day we bought it almost five years ago! But it’s time… It’s not the most comfortable.  It’s not very deep and you can’t put a pillow on it without running out of room to sit.  It’s great to just sit on during a party, but it’s terrible to watch a movie on.

So we went all out and bought a Pottery Barn Comfort Grand sofa during the President’s Day sale! {Don’t worry, I didn’t completely leave my body—my husband sat on the phone with them for a good thirty minutes, to save us an extra $500.  He’s good…} It’s ten inches wider and a gazillion inches deeper than what we have now.  And it’s wrapped in down…. {salivate}

image{This picture makes it look like we bought a loveseat… Do not be deceived.}

But with that comes the conundrum of rearranging the wall behind the sofa because the spacing is going to be all off.

03 03 12_8515

That shelf is going to look puny…

03 03 12_8516

And I’ll finally have a reason to spread things out a bit and fill in some of that bare wall area, which has always bugged me…

So, of course I’ve taken to Pinterest {where else?} to look for inspiration for big, gallery wall ideas…







I think I like this last one because incorporates more than just pictures…I want mirrors, letters, various sized frames, maybe a clock…. What do you think?  Seen any good gallery walls lately that have more than just art?  The sofa arrives in early April so I have some time to plan.

Bring me my hammer!

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