St. Patty’s in Savannah

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh man… We had a crazy fun weekend this past week.  We went down to Savannah to join the other million people down there for St. Patrick’s Day.  Many people are surprised to hear that St. Patty’s is such a big deal down there—you typically think of Boston or Chicago or NYC…but Savannah actually has a huge parade and celebration.  I’ve heard everything from 2nd or 3rd largest to THE largest in the world.  Either way, it’s crazy. 

Growing up, I never went to school on March 17th.  The schools are closed, businesses not downtown are typically closed…the whole city moves down to River Street.  The beer is green, the fountains are dyed green, and the azaleas are in full bloom.

And since the parade finally fell on a Saturday this year, we packed our bags and flew down last Friday.  My friend Lindsey picked us up from the airport and drove us to my mom’s, driving past one of my favorite scenes…

image{The entrance to Bethesda Home for Boys.}

All six of my brothers & sisters were home for the weekend and, if nothing else, my mom knows how to welcome her kids home.  The joy of us all being together is fun enough, but there was low country boil, sangria, boiled peanuts, and beer margaritas to boot. It was such a fun night with my family...


image{Beer margaritas = 4 cans beer + 1 12 oz. can limeade + 1 cup tequila ----> The best thing you’ll ever drink.}.

So the next morning, we all woke up early, donned our brightest green attire, and drove down to endure the nightmare that is parking in Savannah on St. Pat’s.  We all split up to do our own thing and Tyler and I spent the morning walking from spot to spot, finding various friends and family members.

If you’re not from Savannah, the parade might be a disappointment—I think most people come for an excuse to drink green beer in a town without open container laws.  For locals, it’s also a chance to drink beer in the streets, but it’s also about running into people you haven’t seen in years and the tradition of the parade itself—even if it’s old guys driving convertibles and high school marching bands.

image{Also lots of bag pipes…}

imageThe squares were mayhem—it was like tailgating at an SEC football game. I felt a good 8 to 10 years older than everyone I was bumping shoulders with.  Check out this guy who brought his own port-a-potty…


We finally settled at the law firm of an old family friend. It's an old mansion on Chippewa square; we stood on the balcony with a great view above the crowd {and bathrooms and plenty of food and drinks...}



We hit Forsyth Park on the way to the car to glimpse the green fountain…


image{We also found our family brick.}


Once the parade was over, we high-tailed it out of downtown to avoid the post-parade insanity.  We all snoozed for a bit back at home and then Tyler and I went out on the boat for dinner with my brothers and sister-in-law.



We went to Bonna Bella Yacht Club—a dive-ish spot we love where we ate seafood, drank beer, and watched my brothers try to beat each other at this ring toss game.  It is hilarious watching them compete with one another… David owed Charles $40 by the time he finally gave up.



This is a bad picture but it makes me laugh… We had just docked the boat and David tried to step up onto the dock from the boat but his jeans were too tight and he couldn’t get his foot up high enough.  After three attempts, he ended up crawling onto the dock.  We were all dying, but a group of people were watching the whole ordeal and gave him a standing ovation once he finally made it up.  It was hilarious… At least in that moment it was.

We had a great night, laughing and having staring contests, sabotaging my brother’s new i-Phone which he does not know how to operate and will never figure out how to change all of the obnoxious ringers, wallpapers, and late night alarms that will be haunting him for months down the road.  We putzed around on the river until 2am until we finally crawled into bed back at home…

The next day was gorgeous but the previous day’s activities and late night had me beat and my head was a little fuzzy… So I sat outside and watched Halley in her adorable little pigtails play with her purse and study the bubble machine.


imageI could watch her play all day...

Sunday night we all went to church together and then came home and watched movies until way too late again... Monday we went downtown for lunch and shopping-- I'm saving those pictures for another post.

{Take away point-- St Patty's is on a Sunday next year-- the only day where if it falls they'll move it to Saturday. Make your plans now! It's super fun.}

For now, I'm on a train to New York for the weekend. I'm a little worn out from all this traveling but still excited for some girl time, shopping, shows, and maybe even a little Hunger Games!

Talk soon-- Happy Friday!!

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