A good day…

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Today was one of those great days.  Not an extraordinary day, just a normal day that happened to go really well…

  • I worked from 8 to 2—I was there long enough to see a decent amount of patients, feel productive, and still get out of there early enough that it felt…early.
  • Tyler sent me flowers… The last week or two have been a little crappy for me and this was just a really thoughtful way for him to acknowledge it.  {And it always feels good for a girl to get flowers at work!}
  • After running a few errands, I came home and worked on Etsy projects while watching Ellen & Dr. Phil.  Again, productive, but felt nice to be home early.
  • Peanut Butter on rice cakes with a Diet Coke are my snack du jour these days… The rice cakes eliminate the guilt of peanut butter and peanut butter makes every day better.

{I just had a thought… Peanut butter bacon!! Someone go invent that.}

  • At five o’clock, I saw that “Little Women” had just started on TV.  For reasons too numerous to summarize in this post, I adore this movie {Think pre-ego Christian Bale, Christmas, early 90s Winona Ryder… I still own the VHS and can’t bring myself to get rid of it}. 

{Side story: I think the first time in my life I was ever grounded was when this movie came out… I lied to my mom about what movie I was going to see because I didn’t think she’d let me see it in the theater for the fourth time in a row.  I really pushed the envelope…}

  • So I grabbed my favorite blanket, my Kindle, and spent the next two hours on the sofa half reading/half watching/half dozing.  {<--- Fuzzy math}
  • By seven, I felt I’d been sufficiently lazy so that going to the gym didn’t sound exhausting.  I changed into running clothes, walked to the gym, put in my miles on the treadmill, and was home by 8:15.
  • I didn’t plan dinner well this week, so I had Tyler bring home Noodles & Co for dinner {i.e. I didn’t have to cook and there were no dirty dishes.}.  It was healthy & delicious.
  • There’s nothing really on TV tonight, so we watched American Idol and now I’m going to get in bed at the unprecedented hour of 10 o’clock and read for awhile…

{My book club is reading “The Paris Wife.”  It’s about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife living in Paris in the 1930s…It’s no “Hunger Games” but I’m loving it.}

I was productive, I was lazy, I felt loved, I felt healthy, I felt intellectual {reading a book and watching a book at the same time? What?}, and I feel balanced.

I used to claim Tuesdays as my favorite day of the week, but maybe I should make it Thursday… Why can’t every day go so well?

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