We’re Off!

Friday, February 10, 2012

After some debate, Tyler and I decided that we haven’t taken a trip just the two of us since we traveled to Italy over a year and a half ago {I know, don’t you feel so bad for us? It's a hard life...}.  Yes, we travel a lot but it’s all been with friends or to visit family, which is wonderful, but I am REALLY excited to get away this weekend just the two of us.


We’re also really bad at staying close to home for our trips, so we have zero experience traveling within our state.  Williamsburg? Never been. Charlottesville? Nope. Wineries in Leesburg?  Uh-uh.  So we’re really proud of ourselves for heading to good ol’ Hot Springs, VA.  It’s about 200 miles from DC, which is the perfect Grassmeyer road trip distance—far enough for a Chick- Fil-A stop, close enough that Tyler doesn’t fall asleep driving and we don’t have to break out show tunes at 3 am {Is that really a bad thing though?}.

It’s ALSO going to snow.  We didn’t end up getting anything here the other day,


32 degrees, snowing, and windy?  Perfect but realistically, we’ll see how long I really last skiing… Yes, laughing family members, skiing. I was really awesome that one time when I was sixteen, so I'm sure I'll kill those bunny slopes tomorrow.

So this is us heading out of town... Day 10: self-portrait.

Happy Friday!!

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