Now that I know…

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So I figured out what my blogging problem is… The last time I blogged was after we got back from our trip to the Homestead.  Also the weekend of Whitney Houston’s death.  So then I watched the funeral on TV that weekend and wrote this post in my head on death and all of the tragic happenings that continue to pop up in the lives of so many people I know and love these days…

But that is the kind of a deep post that would take a lot of thought and time to compose well.

And since I spend all of my spare time making coasters for my Etsy shop, and the remaining seconds reading “The Hunger Games” (uh-dicted), I don’t even try to blog because I don’t have time to post the deep lengthy one.

So then I just don’t blog at all.  Even if a million, short, funny things happen in the meantime that would take me five minutes to write.

Welcome to two weeks without a new post.  This happens all. the. time.  Clearly.

I tell ya, first world problems are just so hard.

I’ll try to do better…

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