Fun with Contact Paper: The Sequel

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Let’s just cut to the chase…you guys know I love horizontal stripes.  Shirts. Coasters. Curtains. And walls.

My boss/co-worker/friend recently bought a new condo and I’ve been helping here and there with some little projects.  After mentioning two or three or sixteen dozen times that she should do a horizontal striped wall {like I did in the Fall}, we finally got around to it last week!  We were armed only with a roll of contact paper, scissors, a pencil, and a yardstick.  {And my iPhone for some grainy pictures}

The Before…
The During…
{The white stripes are 7,” the grey are about 6.5”}  Pictured above is a minor detail I failed to display in my original tutorial {if you can call it that.}.  We cut the stripes just a touch too long so they rounded the wall…
And then ran a knife down the corner and peeled away the extra length for perfectly edged stripes! {We originally tried this lettuce cutter, but finally found an Exacto knife that worked much better}.
The After…
Tada!  Two of us working on this took about two hours.  Luckily, contact paper is extremely forgiving and can be peeled off a repositioned a few times, as needed.  I LOVE IT on this grey and still think it’s the world’s best way to spice up a wall—for renters and buyers alike!
So, has anyone else tried this yet??

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