February Photo A Day {and a few other things…}

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I am loving this February Photo a Day Challenge! {I love these things because it gives me something to do each day and it satisfies that whole guilt if I don’t post thing… I’m trying to get over that, I’m trying!}… It’s also really fun to see the different perspectives of each subject all over Instagram.


Day 3: Hands {finishing the project at Sara’s…}

Day 4: Stranger—I completely forgot to take a picture this day, but that’s okay because I have no idea how I would have pulled that off… I wish I had the personality to stop a perfect stranger and not creep them out.  But I’m not that cool.

Day 5: 10 AM.  I was also too chicken to take Day 5’s picture!  Dick Foth, one of my favorite speakers, was at the peak of his sermon during the 9 AM service on Sunday…so I handed my phone to my husband and made him do it.

Day 6: Dinner…also known as Super Bowl leftovers. Sweet hawaiian ham rolls and chicken wing dip {would you laugh at me if I told you I did my commercial workout again this night?  Nothing like chicken wing dip and some jumping jacks…}Day 7: button{s}  I’d planned on taking a picture of the elevator buttons at my office but I completely forgot.  So here I am at 10 o’clock…looking for a button.  I think a TV remote is still appropriate to my life.  Speaking of—did you guys catch Smash last night??  In love already.

Tomorrow’s subject is sun, but guess what?  There’s some snow in the forecast so I guess I’ll just suffer through the day staring at all that pretty white stuff…

imageSpeaking of pretty white stuff, Tyler and I are actually getting away this weekend to Hot Springs, VA.  I bought a Travel Zoo deal  several months ago for a weekend at The Homestead and we’re finally going to use it.  They’re getting pelted with snow this tomorrow, so I am very excited and very ready for a weekend of skiing and hot springs in the mountains! 

{In fact—nearly the same deal that I purchased is on Living Social right now!  $300 for a weekend for two which includes two activity vouchers.  Go check it out!  In the mean time, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes…}

In the mean time, Mr. Man was throwing up tonight for maybe the third time in the seven years I’ve known him so…I have a sofa to prep for bedtime.  I have no idea why, but I will not sleep in our guest room.  Perfectly good empty bed…and I’m going with the Ikea sofa.

What is wrong with me?

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