What do you say?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

I realized today I’m on a current kick where I say “super” and “crazy” a. lot.  Especially “crazy town.”  I’m really liking that one a lot lately.

I think it’s hilarious when people say “bananas” instead of “crazy” {Like, “It’s bananas in there!”}. And I hereby resolve to use it more.  So that people will think I’m funny.

I also say “no worries” about 27 times a day.  But that’s good because it just means I’m laid back, right?

Tyler and I call each other “babe” more than we use each other’s real names by a ratio of something like 99:1.

Whenever we say “I’m just kidding,” we always follow it up with “Puddin’.”  As in, “I’m just kiddin’…Puddin’.”

Like any good southerner, I use “fixin'”  all the time because it’s totally a legit word.

I call it a “cuss word,” not a “swear word” and if I say one, it’s usually “dammit.”  But I try not to.

And I call every boy patient of mine “dude” way more than their moms probably want me to.

So that’s what I say… What do YOU say?

{100 points if you can name this movie: “I say…that what YOU say…is what I say.”}

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