Friday, January 27, 2012

Confessional Friday

Look—my first installment of Confessional Friday!  Abuncha people I know play this game and I wanted to join in soooo…welcome to this week’s deepest, darkest secrets…

1. We watched Lifetime’s “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” on Sunday instead of football.  Tyler would probably lie to your face before admitting this.  But it’s true.

2. I got hot pants y’all!!


No, they were not purchased in 1994, I do not Jazzercise, and I did not sing, “I’m so excited” with Jessie Spano at the Max.  These were in fact purchased on Wednesday.  I was looking for some running pants that I could wear on my lazy days to work that a} weren’t yoga pants {already own} or b} weren’t running tights {inappropriate}.  I didn’t think the side ornamentation was a big deal when I bought them, but I was painfully aware of those neon orange lightening bolts all morning at work.

3. I started a new workout regimen…


Perhaps you too have pinned these on Pinterest.  There is no. way. in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that THAT burns 100 calories.  HOWEVER, if you’re too lazy to go to the gym and you perform this routine during every commercial break across two hours, you will have some very sore pecs the next day.  I think I did 100 push-ups Wednesday night… Better than nothing, right?

So…that’s all for my first week in Confessional Friday!  I’ll have to take better notes next week… For now, the wine is opened, the pizza is here, and we just ordered “50/50.”  I heart Joseph Gordon-Levitt…

Happy Friday and HAPPY WEEKEND!!

{FAIL!  I just realized A Blonde Ambition didn’t post a Confessional Friday this week for me to link to.  Ha—who needs her?!  Better luck next week…}


Anonymous said...

actually, it could definitely burn 100 calories, and even more if you're significantly overweight. especially if you are using correct form. it's likely that these exercises, done together and correctly, could burn more than 100 calories. 100 calories isn't a lot.

Corinna P.Johnson said...

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