Christmas Recap 2011

Monday, January 02, 2012

Hey dudes—Happy New Year and all that!  I know I haven’t posted since Christmas but we didn’t take the laptop with us on our tour of the lower United States trip and I had to do the last two posts from my iPhone {yes, that one—the one with all the pictures…don’t even get me started on the faultiness of the Blogger app}. I was afraid that Tyler’s grandparents were going to think I had anti-social/addiction issues with my phone…or that I don’t like them…or that my marriage was trouble...  Point: it took a super long time sitting in the corner by myself to get that post up.

ANYWAY.  Here’s a little recap of our Christmas in DC and our trips to Nebraska and Georgia.  {I will try very hard to include more pictures than words…}

Christmas Date 2011

Before heading west to mayhem, we had a little date night to ourselves.  We saw Sherlock Holmes and walked and shopped in Georgetown before hitting Serendipity 3 for truffle mac & cheese and frozen hot chocolate. It was divine.

A few days later, we flew to Omaha.  We popped in to visit a few friends before heading to Tyler’s grandparent’s place—we landed in Nebraska at 3pm and by 8 o’clock we were in our fourth city!  Typically there’s snow on the ground and the lake is frozen but this year was unseasonably warm... So no snow.  Bummer.

We spent great time with Tyler’s entire family on the 24th…which included lots of soup, a Dirty Santa, and a regular gift exchange.  There were 26 of us so it was crazy town in that basement.

Nebraska Christmas Collage 2011

And then had a low key Christmas morning after the rest of the family dispersed…
Christmas Morning Collage
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Christmas morning in PJs with Grant… I think I mentioned kidnapping him several times.
It’s just not Christmas morning without breakfast casseroles… So I made three the night before.

On the 26th, we drove to Randy’s {B-I-L} family farm in Newman Grove.  Tyler & the gang shot skeet… I played with babies.

That night we did a fondue. {And then we hopped in the station wagon and went to see Grease…And the next morning we all got up and voted for Carter!} I’m kidding—it was fun!

Kara & I also built a gingerbread house with the boys that night—it wasn’t perfect but it was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

On the 27th we hopped on a plane to Atlanta.  Most of the big festivities were done by the time we got there so I don’t have a ton of pictures of the family—just a whole lot of Halley!  Tyler & I begrudgingly baby-sat one morning when my sister had to work.  We were a little tired so we let her watch “Tangled” three times in a row. “HORSEY MOVIE!!!” 

The child that never sits still will sit entranced for a good hour when this is on… {but she still has to kick her feet}.

One night we went out for Mexican and on our way out, a train was passing behind the restaurant…



Mom & I hit up Ballard Backdoor on Thursday—the Ballard Design outlet in Atlanta… I don’t make it there every time I’m in Atlanta, but I try to get there as much as I can.  I think this can now be considered a Christmas tradition…

Ballard Trip CollageHomegirl wracked. up.  I bought a ton of curtain panels and shower curtains for $10 and $15 {normally listed for $100+ each} for spring Etsy pillows.  I also grabbed a few burlap pillow cases, Christmas ribbon, and a pillow for myself.  I love that place…

Tyler’s lucky we flew because this hutch—the top portion you see was $50.  Fifty. Dollars.  It retails for $700.  There are so many things I’d do with that if I had the space…

Forsyth Fabrics is in the immediate vicinity of Ballard… They kicked me out for drooling all over everything.

{I am obsessed with this fabric…}

That night we double dated with my cousin & his wife at Buckhead Diner—we took no pictures of humans.  Just the blue cheese chips we had as an appetizer…

To die for.

And that was it!  My grandmother is a champ and underwent a knee replacement while we were there so we invaded her space for a bit before we left town.  All in all, it was a great trip—some parts were crazy and overwhelming but we also took in our fair share of movies and took crazy long naps.  It’s just not Christmas without family and we were so lucky to spend so much time with both sides.

It was perfect until I got in a fight with Halley on our way out of town…

This kid loves her some Uncle T.

Happy 2012!

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