Catching up…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

“Is this some new effort to be ‘authentic’?” my sister asked me on the phone today—referring to my recent absence.  Ha!  I wish.  I’ve just been a little…. lazy. The post-holiday lull in life and social activities has sucked me right in… Tyler’s job has slowed down, my job is regularly regular, and we’ve done no major traveling for three weeks, so we’re just hanging out and getting fat!  We haven’t been total bums though…

We DID venture to Annapolis last weekend.  It’s an easy 30 miles up the road, but I’ve lived here for nearly six years and had never been! We have friends who bought an adorable row house just a few blocks off of the water, so we had a great excuse to finally visit. It was cold but the weather just added to the charm of the city.  It felt a lot like Boston, just on a smaller scale.

The start of an easy drive…
{Aren’t you impressed with my amazing cellphone pics? I know, me too.}
Maryland Ave was lined with adorable home décor, antique, and monogram shops.  I was in heaven.
So makeable, right??
We didn’t go into the Naval Academy but it was fun to see the midshipmen walking around town in their uniforms.  In such a picturesque place, the men in uniform walking around just made me feel like I was in a movie.  It was all just a little too perfect.

We walked everywhere—we enjoyed lunch at Pusser’s, dinner & wine at Red Red Wine, and lots of window shopping in between.  Back at the house we sat around the fire pit with wine and hot chocolate while Brad & Tyler relived their college glory days until our feet froze.  It was such a fun weekend—we’re lucky to have fun, hospitable friends with great taste in real estate!

In other news… I finally updated my Etsy shop again!  My plan was to start slowly by just adding coasters, but I got 10 orders in one week. Sooooo…there goes that plan.  The customers have great taste though—check out some of the colors they’ve picked!

Chevron Coaster_Grey and Green Grass_ReverseChevron Coaster_Navy and Turqoise_eBmChevron Coaster_Orange and Robins Egg Blue_aRnChevron Coaster_Black and Grass_JBK

I’m also adding new trellis designs this month—I think they’ll be really cute.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Trellis Coasters_Navy and Green_tGk

In more exciting news…our friends Jamie & Michael welcomed their  bouncin’ baby boy {Ryder} a few weeks ago.  We made the exclusive hospital invite list, but we were able to spend some real time with them last week when we took them dinner.  It was so fun to see them in their home as a family of three—we are so happy for them in this sweet time.

I mean, seriously?  Check out those dimples.

We hope some of that magic baby juice rubs off on us!

And in the last piece of excitement…winter has finally arrived!  We finally got our first snow a few weeks ago.  The temperatures have been so up and down this “winter” {seems like it’s been that way everywhere} and I have really been annoyed—not just that it hadn’t snowed, but the temperatures keep getting into the 60s!  Yuck.  The first snow came on two Mondays ago.  It took a long time before it finally stuck, but it snowed non-stop for a good 10 or 12 hours…it was so beautiful to watch from the windows.

And it was so nice to come to this…finally!
{Just in case you’re judging…the garland is our neighbor’s and she hasn’t taken it down.  I don’t really mind though! {And you shouldn’t judge.}}

We got more snow this past weekend, so…I’ll probably talk more about snow this week. Because I love snow.  Snowy, snow snow…. 

But anyway, that’s about it!  Just living a low key life for the last few weeks… I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and money and pie, though, so hopefully I’ll tell you about that soon.

Happy Sunday—hope you had a great weekend!

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