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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Last night, for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, I sat down and read blogs.  I also pinned ORIGINAL items on Pinterest that I found all by myself. For a good hour or two.

And it was heavenly.

I think when Tyler went to bed first, he was afraid I’d be down here all night.  I wasn’t.  I just needed to sit down and read my favorite blogs.  I’ve skimmed here and there but I don’t think I’ve truly been caught up on people since the summer.

And I realized how much I missed it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest.  I adore it.  I’m addicted.  I get annoyed when I check it on my phone and people aren’t pinning enough, so the same stuff that I looked at two hours ago is still there.  Pin, people, pin!! {But then I’m a total hypocrite because someone will pin like 8,000 pins in 15 minutes and it fills up my pin feed, or whatever you call it, and it’s usually on a topic I’m not remotely interested in, like 17th century portraits of Chinese emperors, and I’m like, “Stop pinning dammit!  Don’t you have anything better to do??”  Anyone else suffer from this?}  Anyway, it’s a wonderful concept.  But I’ve also noticed that I read blogs less because of it.  It’s like a shortcut.  Why read all of the housing blogs when you can skim Pinterest without reading a thing, and only if you like the image do you go farther to the words?

But the words are the best part.

Especially if you’re reading Edie’s.  I think I was an occasional reader of her blog until last Christmas when her house burned down.  And then I was sucked in.  I kept reading and reading and reading.  I so admired her response.  And now I love her.  I read her posts and I want to be her.  She has such wisdom, she is smart {like, really smart. like doctor smart, plus she reads like an English lit major}, I think she’s funny, she is a crazy good communicator, and she has fantastic taste.  I love her blog because she writes about faith…and then she’ll show some crazy cool design boards and pictures of her house…and then she writes funny stuff about her refrigerator…and then shares pictures of a barn dance with her kids...and then she’s self-deprecating in a charming kind of way, not in an oh-I-really-think-I’m-perfect-but-I-should-say-I’m-not-so-people-will-tell-me-I-am kind of way.  I don’t love her because I think she’s perfect, I love her because I think she’s authentic and what she writes really resonates with me. 

{I’m using the world “love” loosely here y’all—I love her as much as I can love a stranger who I’ve never met, but think she’s really cool and wish she’d take me under her wing and mentor me if we lived on the same street… Y’know? That kind of love.}

And then after reading Edie’s blog, I hopped on over to Nester, who’s co-hosting a series on building up your blog.  Today’s topic was on authenticity which included nuggets of insight and information from popular bloggers on how to be more sincere and authentic on your blog.

And I loved reading it.

And I was inspired.

And I was convicted.

Because I don’t feel like I’ve been authentic.  I don’t think I’ve been disingenuous, but I haven’t really made myself vulnerable in any way or posted about anything of depth.  To be honest, I was just so busy over the last two months, I posted to get a post up.  And while I’m not a professional blogger and don’t have sponsors and all that jazz, I like to keep my little corner maintained.  So it was all kind of obligatory.

But those posts were boring and I knew it.

So here’s to great bloggers and authenticity.  I need to read more of everything to make my little space more interesting.  Less Pinterest, more scripture.  Less Bachelor {or not}, more books.  Less surface, more of me.

Now, go read this and this.  It’s good.

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