Wait, it’s December?!?

Monday, December 12, 2011

What is happening to time??  Between Etsy, Etsy, and Etsy every spare second of my calendar has been booked solid for the last six weeks.  I sadly have been visibly absent from the blog world, Pinterest, and worst of all…Words with Friends.  But here are a few things I’ve managed to sneak in…

  • I got really, really excited about the potential of Georgia beating undefeated LSU in the SEC Championship.  And then I got really, really frustrated about Georgia not beating LSU for the SEC championship and changed the channel.  Go Dawgs! anyway.  They earned the exclamation point.
  • Tyler and I went to a benefit for International Justice Mission last week.  The banquet was beautifully decorated for Christmas, I was wearing sparkles, and they had a hot chocolate bar to die for complete with homemade peppermint marshmallows.  I was feeling really fancy until I spilled said hot chocolate all over the bathroom floor.  Cue me squatting next to a toilet wiping up hot chocolate with tissue paper… {Beyond the superficial, this was an amazing evening that highlighted the work of a great organization that seeks to end violence and abuse against the defenseless.  We’re very excited to get more involved with IJM.}
  • We spent an obscene amount of money on plane tickets to fly home{s} for Christmas.
  • We hosted Tyler’s office for a Christmas party—it was a great excused to have the house fully decorated and buy a wholelotta wine.  It was also really nice to finally meet everyone in Tyler’s office, including the boss and his wife {yikes!}.  The party came at the end of a very busy week for both of us though and the hours leading up to the party made me question why anyone in their right mind would EVER choose to work on Extreme Home Makeover, Iron Chef, Restaurant: Impossible or any other show whose premise is built around a ticking clock.
  • I stupidly ran the Hot Chocolate 15k the morning after the party.  I was up at 5:30 to run the race and if that weren’t bad enough in itself, the race was a complete disaster.  It seems everyone in the DC running community knows of the epic failure of the inaugural DC Hot Chocolate.  {If you’re bored, go read their Facebook page…Drama!}

Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out with kids and sewing my eyeballs out!  The Christmas store is coming to a close though, so the next two weeks are reserved for slowing down a bit and taking time to really enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.  Are you guys hanging in there??  I’m on my way to go catch up on your world!  I miss my blog peeps… {My “fake friends” as Tyler says.  He means it with love.}


Don’t forget—Nester’s Tour of Homes is this Thursday!

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