Favorite Things 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

So how did everyone fare this season without Oprah's annual Favorite Things episode?? To be honest, the daily 4:00 hour of my life has suffered less than I anticipated... Yes, I would love to see the Oprah on Gabby Giffords and Amanda Knox interviews but I haven't found myself actively missing her {do you think somewhere in Hawaii Oprah just started twitching?} . With Nate Berkus and Ellen, I'm quite content with my afternoon talk show lineup (sorry Anderson, I've tried...).

I planned on having this up before Christmas but I was all busy shopping for Tyler, like 3 hours before we were supposed to trade gifts. Hopefully you were all better prepared than I was and finished your shopping in a timely manner but just in case you need some last minute inspiration or ideas on how to spend all of those gift cards and exchanges, here are a few of MY favorite things of 2011...

Silhouette SD

If you're not so crafty, this might not be your thing {or maybe it will!!}. The Silhouette is an electronic cutter, similar to the Cricuts you see everywhere but for half the price. What sold me on the Silhouette is that you can use any and all of the fonts you have on your computer-- you're not limited to what Cricut sells {which costs upwards of $30-90 PER CARTRIDGE}-- and you can purchase singular graphics or shapes iTunes-style for 99 cents apiece. There is also additional software you can buy that allows you to upload and cut your own pictures-- whatever or however many you want. This is what I used to make the custom stencils for my Etsy Christmas pillows and make all of the monogrammed Christmas ornaments that I gave to my patients this year. You just slide in the paper or vinyl like you're printing something and it cuts it out! {People are also über impressed with you, in case you need an ego boost} I am in love with this machine and SO, SO, SO glad that I did my research and didn't buy the Cricut-- I saved myself a small fortune. {And since I've started this post, I learned that the SD has now been discontinued and they've upgraded to the "Silhouette Cameo" and now I am veryveryveryvery tempted to put mine up on eBay so I can upgrade too...}

Moving on...

Stella & Dot!!

I've known about their jewelry for awhile and always thought it was super cute but if you know me and my frugal ways {and my NYC jewelry excursions...}, I couldn't swallow their prices. But I hosted a party for my friend Lindsey and despite it being a small turnout, I still got great hostess rewards! With a $100+ credit and three 50% off coupons, I bought 4 great necklaces that I wear all. the. time. I am seriously loving this jewelry and while it is definitely not an everyday purchase for me, this stuff is beautiful and really well made {read: heavy on your neck}.

Contigo Coffee mug

Ahhhhh, this coffee mug. I. love. this. mug. It is the bomb diggity. I received this mug as a gift from a patient earlier this Fall and "As long as Eye live, I will never use another mug again!" I love it because it will NOT spill. I typically leave the house in the morning juggling my purse and my lunch and my gym bag and my keys...my coffee and...my hands are full. I can throw my coffee in my purse and it can shake all around, turn upside down...it will. not. spill {it also keeps the temperature of whatever's inside a ridiculously long time}. You can pick one up at Target, among other places, for 20 big ones. Do it.

Oh My Darling Designs

A mom that I know through work {whose children are adorable and impeccably dressed and could sell the clothes themselves}, recently started her own children's clothing company with a friend of hers. She was inspired one day when she went to buy a smocked dress for her ONE year old that cost NINETY dollars. I went to the launch party last month and my uterus was turning over at the site of all those smocked dresses and John-Johns. So check it out-- the stuff is adorable and all reasonably priced. They also announce sales and specials on their Facebook page all the time.

Mary Kay
Like their skin care, love their make-up. If you were to open my make-up bag at any given moment {or the ziplock bag I call my make-up bag}, you'd find MK concealer, foundation, powder, blush, creme eye shadow, facial highlighting pen, creme lipstick, and no less than 3 lip glosses. I recently took a trip to the 19th century and honed my bartering skills with my friend Laura Sue-- I helped her with a blog make-over while she sent me an awesome goody bag of MK products-- face wash, nail polish, lip products... She has great taste {and she makes cool headbands}, you should definitely hit this girl up for your facial beautifying needs...

And now for the last one.... Despite our recent trip to Napa, when it comes to wine, I really don't know what I'm talking about. But a year or so ago I kept having this great glass of Savignon Blanc-- a wine I don't typically gravitate to and I couldn't figure out why it was so good. "Savignon Blanc from New Zealand," the girl next to me said. "It's always good." And she was right! It never fails: Cupcake, Nobilo...it's all perfect.
So that's it! Just my two cents on how you should spend your Christmas money... Happy exchanging everybody! Good luck out there...

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