Sunday, November 06, 2011

Hey fellas!!  Greetings from my second most popular blogging spot—the I-95 corridor.  We are heading back from Savannah after my big race weekend!  It was SO. FUN. but I feel a weird sense of obligation to share the weekend festivities in chronological order, and I just don't have time to do that tonight!

it I couldn't let any more time go by though without giving a huge THANK YOU for your feedback on my little project! It has been a ca-razy week!  I was so nervous to debut my Etsy shop on Tuesday afternoon and I had been working my big ol’ butt off trying to get everything done—finishing the products, figuring out the pricing, writing the descriptions, putting on a photo shoot {thank you, Tyler!}… Once the shop was up, I immediately started getting orders and in five days I sold eleven pillows, eleven sets of coasters, and a handful of towels and picture frames—you guys are AWESOME!  I’ve even gotten orders from people I don’t know-- more than just the obligatory pity order from my mom!  I didn’t expect this much traffic but I am SO excited and so flattered that I’m getting positive feedback.  Y'all are awesome! I’m working hard to get everything out to you as soon as possible—hopefully by the end of the week!

Don't forget- it's not too late to enter the giveaway! Tell your momma, tell your friends... I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the weekend. Until then, me and my lactic acid legs are gettin' out of this car!!

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