Testing the waters…

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

So I mentioned the other day that I’ve been busy working on a little project that I was excited to show you.  And I AM excited.  But I’m a little nervous too…

Because I decided to start an Etsy shop!  I’ve been toying with it for awhile, but I decided to stick my little baby toe in the water and narrow my merchandise down to Christmas-y things.

I love making things, but you know…my house can only hold so much stuff.  {Somewhere, that just made Tyler sing.}  And every time I walk in to those cute little gift shops, I drool over everything…and then gawk at the price tag.

So I wanted to provide a little place in the world for cute Christmas/hostess/stocking stuffer gifts for the upcoming season!  I made one of everything as a display item and everything ordered will be custom made—at least until I get an idea of what people want or if they even want.

I’m a little terrified that no one will buy anything.  But then again, I’m a little terrified they will!  So here it is…my little venture into the etsy world.  Be kind.

There are picture frames…

10 30 11_7483b 10 30 11_7488b

Personalized coasters…

10 30 11_7565b 10 30 11_7572b

“Vintage” coasters…

10 30 11_7562b 10 30 11_7560b


10 30 11_7582b 10 30 11_7599b

And more!  Go check it out!

I’m still working on a few more items and a friend of mine from the graphic design world is potentially joining in the fun—see keep checking back for fun new items.

If it doesn’t go anywhere, no harm, no foul, right??

HOWEVER.  It would be more fun if it at least took a few steps…

So let’s do a GIVEAWAY!  Here’s how to enter…

1. Become a BD follower!  {Use your email account or create an account.}

2. Leave a comment telling me your favorite item—this is what you get if you win.  Or I guess you can pick something else. But don’t you want to win your favorite item?  Whatever.  Your choice!

3. Tweet the giveaway and mention me in it @KateGrassmeyer OR if you don’t have twitter just tell me what your favorite Christmas/holiday movie of all time is.

Tell your momma, tell your friends… Thanks for your help and thanks for playing!!

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