How to decorate for Christmas…

Monday, November 28, 2011

Well, Tyler and I have both been sick now going on a week.  I think we’re both on the up and up but we spent a good four days house ridden.  No friends or movies or shopping—just lots of time with football and On Demand in bed.  {It was actually a little great!}

The other upside is that we were able to get the house fully decorated!  We’re hosting Tyler’s office Christmas party this Friday, so that really forced us to get it done early.  If you know me, you know how I begrudgingly pulled out the decorations… Smile  We were the very first customers at our favorite tree lot and they even opened an hour early for us on Friday morning.

{We brought home this 7 foot beauty…}

It’s only our second Christmas in this house, but I didn’t want to just do exactly what I did last year.  So the first thing I did was jump on The Nester and click through last year’s Christmas tours for ideas and inspiration.

It’s funny because I remember my house looking awesome last year and I was all, “Well, I’ll try to find some new ideas on here but whatever.”  And then I clicked on my own tour after checking out everyone else’s and my house was a total snore!  Maybe the general décor has changed a bit over the last year or maybe it was just the way I presented it but…

12 14 10_4766

12 13 10_4772

12 13 10_4724I was pretty underwhelmed…

I remember trying to hold back last year because I didn’t want the house to look like Santa’s toy shop, but whatever.  Game on this year!  I’m not holding back…

Tree photo

This year’s Nester tour is on December 15th so get your nooks and crannies ready…


Speaking of Christmas decorations… The winner of my giveaway is Abbie!!  Excluding duplicate comments and my own comments, Abbie from Satisfy My Soul is the 10th submission and winner of the Christmas coasters!!


Thank you to EVERYONE who entered or purchased something from my new Etsy shop!  It was so good to hear from everyone, especially the new ones, but it’s really fun to send a gift to an old blog friend!  Email me your info, Abbie, and I’ll get them to you asap!

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you can get your jeans buttoned!

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