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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey folks!  First, thanks so much for your comments and support on my last post!  I admit, I too was impressed with how the pictures came out—they look like I was just trotting across the finish, casually checking my watch when in actuality I was feeling like, “CanIstoprunningyet?CanIstoprunningyet? CanIstoprunningyet?CanIstoprunningyet?”

{You get the idea.}

Anyway, I only half feel like I need a hip replacement today, so I’m feeling good!  Despite work being slow, my week is staying ridiculously busy with life stuff and everyday I’m dissatisfied with the number of remaining to-do items on my list… I owe several people a phone call, a FB message, or a check in the mail.  {If you read this, I’m working on it!}  However, there are a few fun things worth sharing:

Numero Uno: I LOVE Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee. I swear by it. I can’t live without it.  I don’t get mani-pedis, I tweeze my own eyebrows, I only get my hair done every 3 or 4 times a year, I shop at Old Navy. Let a girl pay $77 for a bag of coffee, okay? So I was super disappointed when Tyler brought home a bag of this…

and not this…

Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut Ground Coffee, 12 oz

They were sold out of my favorite so Tyler took the very unrisky move to buy me pumpkin coffee. And omg. It’s amazing. Ah-mazing. Pour a little hazelnut creamer into it and it is to die for.  It’s almost worth forgetting all about that favorite Starbucks concoction of mine.

{Okay that’s a lie. I would never abandon the PSL but I’m trying to communicate to you that the Godiva Pumpkin Spice coffee is very, very delicious.}  Do yourself a favor and make a short-term investment in Godiva’s Pumpkin Spice coffee.

Number two: Guess what slipped right by me?  My first anniversary!  As of October 7th, I passed my boards exam one year ago.  Do you know what that means? I haven’t taken a single test in over 365 days!  I have not written a single sentence for a single paragraph for a single paper. I haven’t circled a single multiple choice question.  I haven’t crammed, I haven’t been graded, and I haven’t listened to Josh Groban sing in Italian {my best study habit established over seven years of higher education}.  I have learned more in one year that I ever could have imagined and it’s amazing to reflect on how much I have changed and grown in my profession.  I love my job and I am so lucky to get up every morning and look forward to what I get to do.

T-h-r-e-e: Guess who’s turning the big 3-2 this weekend??  I’ll give you a hint.  He was about to lose his mind during the Nebraska game on Saturday, works too hard, and his name rhymes with Schmyler.  I can’t tell you what I got him a) because he reads this and b) it’s kind of boring. But Happy Birthday anyway!

Four-o: Speaking of football…I am going to calmly and conservatively state that I am proud of my football team and am experiencing a mild dose of hope that I will not allow to fester should the said football team fall apart and break my heart like they so often do.  But while all other SEC East QBs are dropping like flies, I think we’re finally on a roll and I’m proud of them.  Go Dawgs.  No exclamation point. {Cue this year’s dance party music: “Edge of Glory”}

Cinque: We’ve missed church the last two weekends because of our trip to New York and Sunday’s race, which was unfortunate because Dick Foth was speaking.  One of my absolute favorite speakers was in town for two weeks and I missed both Sundays. Bummer.  He is wise and kind and always has something profound to share.  Join me in listening to his messages here and here, won’t you?

So…that’s kind of it.  In other news, I’m refinishing more furniture, helping my boss decorate her condo, trying to decide on our Halloween costumes this year, and waiting for our iPhones to be delivered.  {That’s right.  I’m finally gettin' an iPhone!}

Happy Hump Day!

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