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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well, hopefully you guys have been as busy as I have and haven’t noticed my little disappearing act lately.  Call off the search parties, I’ve just been hiding in my house.  My patient case load was a little slow this month so I decided to take on a little project that I can’t wait to share with you {soon readers, soon}.  I’m also starting a company newsletter and blog for my office, doing a little blog design project for a friend, sewing projects for another friend, AND training for the half marathon NEXT WEEK {ack!}.  This all culminated over the last two weeks, so I don’t intend for this to be my new normal.

We did manage to make a little progress on my list last weekend though and went camping with some friends of ours, Cora {who I mention on here frequently} and her husband Jared—thus checking off item #12.  It only took six years of togetherness, but we finally slept outside by a fire.  It was so fun!  We drove to the mountains and did a little hiking and camping in Shenandoah National Park.  The leaves were at peak color change and the temps really felt like fall, so it was beautiful, fun, and freezing!

My m.o. is leaving the camera memory card in the computer and realizing it only when I’m out and about trying to take a picture.  which of course occurred to me as soon as we started our hike.  I at least had my camera phone, so the weekend wasn’t a total loss.

photo 1 (5)Whole lotta stuff for a 24 hour trip!

photo 2 (6)We hiked to the summit of Matthew’s Arm.  At this point on the trail, we’d just intersected the Appalachian Trail.

photo 2 (2)

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (2)photo 5photo 4

photo 3 (4)Setting up camp!

photo 4 (4)

Cora & Jared had this cute little 2 person tent.  We set ours up and it was huge—we called it our tansion. {Tent + mansion = tansion}.  We had a little doormat and everything. Smile 

photo 2 (3)Me & Cora

photo 2 (5)photo 1 (3)My “it’s cold!!” face.  The sun hadn’t even set and the temps were in the 40s, so I knew there was a long night ahead of me….

photo 5 (4)

Luckily we had a fire {and a two-man sleeping bag}—it took a mere two hours to get it going.  I did my part by handing over discarded pages of my House Beautiful mag. Aren't I a sport?   We cooked hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and beans for dinner and planned ahead, cooking biscuits cowboy style for breakfast the next morning…

photo 3 (3)photo 7Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without SMORES!  {And apple cider to boot.}

photo 4 (3)I was only a little excited about these jumbo marshmellows.


We had to be back to the city early on Sunday so we were up and adam by 5am…or at least the boys were.  Jared had the fire going and Tyler cooked eggs and sausage to go with our biscuits—it was delicious.  I’d otherwise call it divine had it not been in the o’dark thirties.  Isn’t it great how guys take over everything with camping?


We crawled through the front door at 9:30 the next morning, tired and reeking of camp fire—it was so fun!  We can’t wait to do it again, we’re just not sure when.  It SNOWED here yesterday and we’re out of town for most of the upcoming weekends.  Here’s to next time, Terrys!


In other FANTASTIC news, anyone catch this game on Saturday???  I was ready to curl up under a rock after that first half but the boys rallied and made this Bulldawg proud!  We’re 6-0 since the rocky start that had me on my heels earlier this season… It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldawg!

I’ll be doing my St. John’s River Dance for the rest of the week—GO DAWGS!! With an exclamation point!

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