"Babe, I need you to trust me..."

Saturday, October 01, 2011

That's what I heard at 6:15 this morning as I groggily woke up to my husband Shaking me and tapping me on the shoulder. I was told not to ask questions but to hop in the shower and be ready to go by 7:30. After an interesting back and forth on what exactly I should wear (because "I'm wearing jeans and a button down" has absolutely no translation to female attire whatsoever), we left the house with my purse, a camera, a pillow, and no idea where we were going.

This followed by pit stops for Chick Fil A breakfast and PSLs, we are now with our friends Michael and Jamie a hundred miles or so up 95 north. Jamie and I met each other with equally quizzical looks this morning as we were loaded into the car by our grinning but silent husbands. I have so far ruled out a hot air balloon ride and a winery. Our latest guesses are Philly or New York but we're not asking questions and enjoying the ride...

Stay tuned for where exactly this day is headed...

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