Pardon me while I talk about football…

Monday, September 05, 2011

I’m not sure how to be a Bulldawg fan anymore.  How do you get excited about a team that continuously makes terrible decisions over and over and over?  Calling the same unsuccessful plays over and over and over.  Dropping passes over and over and over.  Throwing Hail Mary passes on 3rd and two over and over and over.  Running up the middle on 3rd and 14 over and over and over.  Giving the opposing QB 25 seconds in the pocket untouched over and over and over. For 13 games last season and now we get to do it all over again.

I wasn’t so sure we’d win that game on Saturday but I sure didn’t think I’d see the EXACT same team that lost to Central Florida last year (and Colorado…and Mississippi State…).  I thought I’d get a glimmer of hope in seeing changes in the offense…a more aggressive defense…ANYTHING better than last year.  I would have taken ANY nugget of improvement to cling to for hope.

But I watched the exact. same. team. get spanked. On national television.

Make no mistake, I LOVE Georgia football.  I had butterflies in my stomach since last Wednesday.  I’m already planning the tailgate for our annual pilgrimage in November.  Isaiah Crowell and his bulldog puppy were tattooed on my lower back by February 3rd.  I love Georgia football.  I’m not a fair weather fan—just a sad one.

But, in an act of self-preservation, the emotional investment in my team has been on a gradual downslide since oh, 2007 or so.  Following last season and an even worse off-season, my excitement going into this fall hit an all time low—I think I even went six straight months without reading DawgSports.

And I still woke up on Sunday morning feeling like Tyler had asked me for a divorce the night before.  I still had to say a little prayer before church that I’d be able to focus on worship. I’d still rather kiss Kasey than run into a Boise State fan.


I’m sorry, that’s a lie. 

I’d hold hands with interlocked fingers and sing “I Got You Babe'” with Kellen Moore before I’d even graze Kasey and his beating forearm tattoo.

{Pardon me while I shudder at the mental image.}

What was I talking about again?

Oh right, Georgia sucking my heart out of my chest.

I’m still sickened by the memory of Saturday’s game and I’m just not sure how to move forward when it looks like there’s a looong season ahead of us.  I know we open up with two tough games, but a decent season just because we have an easy schedule thereafter doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better.  I’d rather win because we’re good, not because everyone else sucks {And right now, I’m not so sure everyone else sucks}.  I will only be mildly distracted if we win our games by a margin of 3 points.  I will only be happy if we win by a thumping of 36.

So, here we go. I hope against all hope that I’m posting pictures of team pile-ups and St. John’s River Dances in a few short weeks… But for now, I’m trying out this whole stoic thing.  I’ll give a "Go Dawgs” but exclamation points will be reserved only for exclusive moments of victory.  Like beating Florida.


Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  After a fabulous week in Savannah, we’re spending our Labor Day on 95-north.  I’ll be back soon to tell you where you should eat in Savannah…and how I gained 36 pounds in seven days.

Happy Labor Day!

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