Five cool things that happened to me today…

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

1. A sweet parent of one of my favorite patients at work gave me the world’s coolest travel mug that I was in love with before I even opened it.  And it’s green.  AND there was a Starbucks card with it.

2. Coincidently, my pre and post lunch patients re-scheduled this week, leaving me with a three hour gap in my day that I’d already planned to spend at Starbucks catching up on paperwork.  Three hour break at Starbucks on a rainy day = cool.

3. I had my FIRST PSL OF THE SEASON!!! {Pumpkin Spiced Latte for you Starbucks-impaired…}

4. I decided to skip the gym and go run crafty errands after work.  Coincidently {Part 2}, I ran into a fellow blogger/blog reader at G Street Fabrics!  I was totally caught off guard {in case you couldn’t tell, Cherish!}, but it was so good to finally meet!  Cherish lives in the same area and we’ve emailed a bunch over the last few months.  If only I’d put on a bit more make-up today…

5. Tyler was at work until about 10:30 tonight {not the cool part} which left me alone with my projects for the night {the cool part}.  My chairs are now primed, the upholstery has been ripped off {which was super duper gross}, and the seat cushions were bleached, Lysol’d, and Febreezed.  A gross rainy night, re-runs of Modern Family, and a DIY project? Yes please!

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