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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I finally ordered new running shoes…

Because I was developing some foot issues from training…

{You don’t need a picture of that, do you?}

So I stopped running until they arrived.

But in the mean time, we went to New York, celebrated my birthday, and our anniversary {numero four-o}.

Which means I ate a lot.

And then we had friends over for brunch on Sunday.

{Which means I ate more.}

And on Saturday it rained…

Rain on window

So we watched this…

While I made these…

I didn’t do any of this…


Which means I didn’t showed you these…


{Rescued from the streets by Cora the Awesome, just for me!}

Or tell you about how I’m going to paint them bright glossy green…

Bright green chair{Sorta like this}

And cover the seats in this…

Serafina Multi

But who knows if I’ll actually get around to that.

After all, I never showed you how I made this…


{Which I meant to last Friday.}

Because this Friday, I’ll have some extra special guests.


Yes, that’s already there waiting.

Three days early.

Because that’s how ready I am for them to be here.

{I just hope the flowers live.}

Until then… Happy late night Monday!

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