A Tale of Survival

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well, it seems we’ve survived it all… hurricanes {Dean in ‘07}, two blizzards, and now…an earthquake!

It was all pretty shocking and the state of our home this afternoon was really devastating.   We’re struggling to cope with the aftermath.



IMG_0187Oh wait.  That’s just our living room. Regular style.

In other breaking news, Prince Charles & Camilla bought a puppy today and the 5th season of “Real Housewives of New York” has been postponed.

In all for realness, the quake itself was really frightening as it was happening but it was more out of shock than fear for my safety.  I was at work with a patient in our gym which is on the 3rd floor of a tall building and completely surrounded by windows.  It was really loud and it felt like a huge gust of wind was shaking the building…except when I looked outside, the branches weren’t moving.  It only lasted a few seconds and we were all just really confused afterward.

“Was that an earthquake?”

I’d never felt anything like it.  But after buzzing around the office and checking our phones for a few minutes, things returned to normal.  I completely understand the initial mayhem in DC considering we’re so close to the 10th anniversary of September 11th.  Tyler works in a congressional office building across the street from the Capitol and you can only imagine what went through their minds inside of a loud, shaking government building on Capitol Hill.  They were all evacuated and weren’t allowed back in for the rest of the day.  Several schools and office buildings in the area remain closed until they’re structurally inspected, the National Cathedral has some damage, as well as a few embassies, and traffic was flubbed up on the trains and in the airports.

But other than that, it really wasn’t a big deal and the news coverage all seems a bit excessive.  Yes, a 5.9 magnitude is impressive and I’ll admit that I’m a little eeked out that there was an earthquake in Colorado last night.  But don’t we all have bigger things to worry about…like Hurricane Irene?

Have a mentioned we’re heading to Savannah this weekend? Just add it to the list.

The Grassmeyers survived…


Great Quake

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