Summer Vacay 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well readers, we're Savannah bound! Summer has just flown by and I can't even BELIEVE it's the end of August. While we've been plenty busy, we just haven't done our usual summer stuff, like all the usual outdoor concerts and movies. Tyler and I decided we needed to get away for awhile so we figured we'd head south to my hometown. We get there frequently for holidays and family events but we've rarely gone without an agenda and definitely not for an entire week! My parents have a great house on the water so it's like a real vacation when we go home.

We started keeping a list earlier this summer of things we want to do while we're there, as we were daydreaming of our time off. Tyler has never been for this long and I haven't been this long since the week before our wedding (and I certainly wasn't hanging out at the beach that week!) so I've been trying to think of things he's never done, things that are new to the city that I'VE never done, and then just our favorite ol' things. We ended up compiling quite a list, most involving food...

- Vinnie's (best pizza, hole in the wall downtown)
- Wright Square (food, delicious)
- Lulu's Chocolate Bar (never been, mom always talks about it)
- Pearl's or Oyster Bar (if i die young, bury me in their hushpuppies)
- Mrs. Wilke's (Paula Deen, Shmala Deen)
- Hyawas (take out japanese, shrimp sauce please!)
- Crab Shack or AJ's (or anywhere where I can eat crab legs in my bathing suit)
- Rocks on the River (newish bar downtown, never been)
- Crabbing off the dock (Tyler's been dreaming about it for months)
- Host crab boil or low country boil
- Francesca's (shopping)
- Charming Charlie's (shopping)
- The Pink Door (shopping)
- EJ Scandals (shopping)
- Sand Gnats game (minor league baseball, old school Savannah and T's never been)
- Sewing lessons with mom (so I can stop gluing pillows...)
- Tybee Island (our local beach)
- Sugar Shack (Tybee landmark, ice cream on the way home from the beach)
- Wassaw Island (small beach you boat to)
- Bonna Bella (great food/bar stop when you're out on the river)
- Charleston or St. Simon's for a day (T's never been to SSI and it's a great town)
- See a bajillion people

We have to squeeze all of this into ten days between all of the lazy days on the dock I'm counting on! But I couldn't be more excited to hang out with friends and family getting in all of my favorite food and places. I'm HOPING to do a blog series on Savannah while I'm there but if you know my track record on blogging while busy, you'll keep your expectations low...

Until then, happy hurricaning! (Can you believe we're heading SOUTH to safety?? I can't get over it...)

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