Summer Vacay 2011: A day on the dock

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It’s day four in Savannah and we’re having such a nice time.  It’s been the perfect mix of productivity and relaxing.  We’re already seen a handful of friends and have spent plenty of time hanging out on the dock.  Yesterday was our first day without an agenda while everyone else worked (suckers!), so TGrass and I layed on the dock all day listening to Pat McGee and Matt Wertz and devoured some Zaxby’s (wasn’t on the original list but it should’ve been!). 

Caveman catch dinner…wife bring beer.  Feast on crabs ‘til 11 o’clock. {Grunt}IMG_0209

IMG_0210IMG_0203(My brother Charles is in the orange, he lives just a few minutes from my parents)IMG_0212Man vs. Food


IMG_0220Dinner before…


IMG_0234And after…

So here’s where we stand on our summer vacay progress…

- Vinnie's
- Wright Square
- Lulu's Chocolate Bar
- Pearl's or Oyster Bar
- Mrs. Wilke's
- Heiwas
- Crab Shack or AJ's
- Rocks on the River
- Crabbing off the dock
- Host crab boil or low country boil
- Francesca's
- Charming Charlie's
- The Pink Door
- EJ Scandals
- Sand Gnats game
- Sewing lessons with mom
- Tybee Island
- Sugar Shack
- Wassaw Island
- Bonna Bella
- Charleston or St. Simon's for a day
- See a bajillion people

All signs are pointing to no day trip to Charleston and no Sand Gnats game, which is perfectly fine—there just isn’t enough time.  But we’ve still got six days left and plenty of eatin’ to do!  It’s a little overcast today, so I think that spells s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g!  Throw in all of our craft projects and sewing lessons while we watch football on Saturday and this list will be dunzo by next weekend!


In other news, while Tyler and I enjoyed a leisurely day on the dock, my sister-in-law Kara was working hard to deliver her third baby boy!  We’ve only seen cellphone pictures so here’s what I have to show you…



They’re still deciding on a name but he weighed in at 9lbs, 11 oz so right now he’s going by Tank!  Who knows what he’ll look like in a few years but right now, he sure looks a lot like his big brother Cohen.

Happy Birthday Tank!  We’re proud of you Kara.

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