My name is Kathryn…

Monday, August 22, 2011

And I have a problem.

Perhaps an addiction…



I always knew I loved this decadent pork product, but it wasn’t until I received the following birthday gifts that I realized maybe I’m teetering on the edge of atherosclerosis.

Not one...  Not two…  But three different people thought to give me something bacon-themed for my birthday.

Clearly there’s an issue here.

Not that I’m complaining—quite the opposite.  I jumped up and down when I opened my Baconnaise, especially because now I can cross it off my list!!  THE list.

So here before you…all 84 of you…I share photographic documentation of my very first taste of Baconnaise.  Scratch #3 off my list folks!

DSC_0398My review?  Well, first you should know that I love mayonnaise. 

{So if you don’t like mayo, you’re not going to love Baconnaise.  Sounds like a sin to me, but to each his own or whatever.} 

Anyway, it tastes like mayonnaise but saltier and with a definite smoky flavor to it.  There are also little crumblies in it that might be peppercorn, but I’m not sure.  I don’t know if in a blind taste test I’d immediately identify it as bacon flavored mayonnaise, but it’s definitely a good condiment!

And a lick wasn’t good enough, so we went ahead and made BLTs.  I can’t remember the last time I’d made one but let me tell you… BLTs with Baconnaise are double the good of old BLTs!




My life can now be classified into BB and AB: Before Baconnaise and After Baconnaise.  I’m channeling my inner Bubba and listing everything I can now make with it:  Baconnaise Potato Salad… Baconnaise Deviled Eggs… Baconnaise Egg Salad… Mmmmm. 

The possibilities are endless, my friends.  I speak the truth when I say everything’s better with bacon!

Happy Finger Lickin’ Bacon Eatin’ Monday!

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