Bon Fete!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

While my birthday on Monday was a low-key day of work, errands, and leftovers, the real celebration took place at Chez Grassmeyer on Saturday night.  I have been salivating over blogs and party ideas for weeks, a problem only spurned on by my recent Pinterest addiction, so I made a last minute decision to throw myself a party.  Everyone acted like I was a little crazy for wanting to host it myself— if they only knew how much I was loving all of the planning and preparations!

The original plan was for the party to take place on our patio under the stars, complete with Christmas lights and hanging decorations from trees.  But we were weary of the forecast and ended up literally rearranging our entire house to make room for a table set for sixteen {I couldn’t stop thinking of Father of the Bride Well, if you're bringing in chairs, then why are you moving the furniture out??”}.  There’s still like 2% of me that’s bummed we couldn’t do it outside, but I think it all turned out beautifully and I’m pretty sure everyone had just as much fun as I did!

08 07 11_6662b

08 07 11_6651b

08 07 11_6658b


08 07 11_6661bThe menu was Italian themed and served family style—bowls of spaghetti carbonara were passed, baguettes lined the table with butter and oils for dipping, with plates of caprese salad and grilled summer squash, carafes of white table wine and chianti to boot.

And frugalite that I am, most of the costs of the party went toward the food—I was able to keep all of the décor to minimum.  A brief breakdown…

  • We rented 4 folding tables from Craigslist for $6 apiece and borrowed 12 chairs from neighbors and friends {mismatched is in, right?}
  • We borrowed the plates from a friend and we used our own silverware and mason jars.  The wine carafes are from World Market {$5 each}, the chalkboard tags I made a few months ago.
  • The white table cloths were paper from a local party store {$4 each, I think}, the runner is one yard of burlap that I cut into strips and stitch-a-witched together {$3.50}.  The orange placemats were made from two yards of fabric I bought and seamed the edges.
  • The hydrangeas were cut from the backyard and the crates were $2, I painted and mod podged them for free {coming soon to a Crafty Cfriday near you!}.
  • The candles I already had {mostly leftover from our wedding} and I borrowed a few blue mason jars from a friend.

But you musn’t forget dessert!  I channeled my inner Hostess with the Mostess and planned a table dedicated to every dessert I could dream up.  Because I knew I was using colored platters, I tried to come up with sweets in the whiteish/yellowish family.

08 07 11_6674bFrom left to right: zucchini cake whoopie pies, lemon squares, lemon drops, rice krispie treats, oreo truffles {dipped in white chocolate colored yellow}, powdered donuts, white chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and red velvet cupcakes

Dessert collageMy friend Ashley made the adorable chevron food tags.  The platters I either had or made {see Crafty Cfriday comment above}, the desserts I baked, and all of it we ate!

08 07 11_6676

And then, faster than it had taken to set up… The party was over and we were left with this…

{Frowny face emoticon}

08 07 11_6686

08 07 11_6687

08 07 11_6688

      And this was all waiting for us Sunday morning…

          08 07 11_6705   08 07 11_6706

08 07 11_6707

08 07 11_6667bBut this is the only real memory I’m left with!

It was so fun to plan and prep and spend a night surrounded by great food and friends.  Can it be my birthday again next month??  Any excuse to throw a party?  Passed your emissions test recently?

Okay… Well here’s to next year’s fete!

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