Another day, another year older…

Monday, August 08, 2011

Well, it’s my birthday.  I made it to the big 2-8!  And I have absolutely no qualms about it because I’ve felt like I was 28 since I was probably 22.  So I embrace it—I don’t feel old, I just feel 28!

It was a great year and a lot of great things happened: we spent three amazing weeks in Italy, I graduated and passed boards, I celebrated my year anniversary with my practice, and we saw a wholebuncha shows at the Kennedy Center.  And I made small but steady progress on my “30 Before 30” list…

We went on a family vacation with my family, I kissed Tyler under the Eiffel Tower, we saw South Pacific, and we went to the Kentucky Derby

{Okay, so I only accomplished four things but those were pretty big ticket items!}

I’ve got two years to check off the next 26… A few of them are easy if I’d just get my act together…{eat baconnaise, go camping, Charlottesville winery, having a baby- ha},

A few are already in the works… {training for a half-marathon in November, planning a trip to Napa}

And many will only happen with a bit of planning and preparation… {Martha’s Vineyard, heading back to Boston, trips with friends and sisters…}.

Then there are some that I just have no hope of happening… {Golf lessons, water skiing, the Dawgs winning a national championship.}

{Oh, how that last one pains me.}

And that AFI movie list?  Haven’t watched a single one.  Nada one.

So, you know...I have some work to do! {Read the list in full here}  Twenty-seven was good to me and I hope twenty-eight is even better.  My actual birthday today was very nice—we had a big party at our house on Saturday, Sunday we did absolutely nothing but drink sangria at the pool, and today I had a short day at work that included a fabulous brunch-lunch put on by my co-workers.  I talked to most of my family {which is a feat} and I think my phone started smoking at one point from all of the Facebook updates.  I feel the love.

Thanks for being such amazing readers!  Thank you for following along…always commenting, advising, and cheering when I need it…still reading when I’m inconsistent and boring.  I tell myself I’d blog even if no one read at all but you are WAY more fun!

Thanks dudes. You’re the best.

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