What I Wore This Week

Friday, July 01, 2011

My sister called me on Monday and asked, “So you’re really going to take a picture of what you wear everyday?”

Yes, Becky.  I was and I did.

And Kristin was right when she said it was boring.

Well, maybe not boring.  It was fun taking a picture every morning, but I thought the end result would be much more interesting than it really is.  I look at the series and think, “Yuck. Who on earth is interested in these outfits?”

And it feels very self-involved. 

But I took the pictures and made this little series thing, so I will finish this post and move on.

{Warning: I do not put on make-up before I leave the house.  That’s what red lights are for.}

What I Wore June

Monday: No, it was not Dress Like a Pirate Day at work.  Nor did I go sailing.  Nor did I think those bermuda shorts looked that tight on me.  I really don’t love bermuda shorts anyway on me because I just don’t have the legs for them but I’ve started wearing them to work this summer since shorts aren’t really an option. I’m re-thinking this outfit… Top: H&M this season, belt: Old Navy ($15) this season, shorts: The Limited circa 2006, sunglasses: Kenneth Cole from Marshalls ($10).

Tuesday: I actually really like this outfit.  I think it’s cute and very comfortable and easy to work in.  I am obsessed with this light sweater from J.Crew Factory I bought this spring and wish I’d bought one in every color. Top: J.Crew outlet, shorts: Editor shorts from Express circa 2006 {apparently 2006 was the year of the long short}, sandals: Target circa 2009 {I wear them all.the.time.}, necklace: Target 2010 {I really splurged here, this necklace was behind the glass case…}

What I Wore June

Wednesday: Easy outfit.  Just hope my hair looked better in person! Top: Ralph Lauren polo circa CLASSIC, pants: Old Navy perfect khakis rolled up {I LOVE these pants and if they made them in more colors, I’d probably never buy pants from J.Crew again!}, belt and flip-flops: J.Crew.

Thursday: Another easy outfit.  I overslept this morning and it’s a go-to for me. T-shirt: Target circa 2006? {I have this shirt in 3 different colors—it is so soft and fits perfectly. Love.}, pants: J.Crew Classic Chinos, necklace: same one from Tuesday, shoes: pom-pom flats from Old Navy last winter ($20, wear them constantly),

Friday: Overslept again this morning {this is what happens when my husband is out of town…} and am always tired by Friday so I wanted to be comfortable. I could live in these brown palazzo pants from The Limited. They are OLD but make very regular appearances in my wardrobe in all seasons. Summer, fall, winter… I love them all year. Top: Old Navy ruffle tank, pants: The Limited circa 2005? Too early for accessories.

What I Wore June

Pretty uninspiring huh?  You can tell where my favorite places to shop are!  But I’m not sure there will be another “What I Wore” post—I feel self-conscience already… Except I may try it one more time, but the challenge would be to put together five completely new outfits.  We’ll see.

So, are you judging me on the age of my wardrobe yet??

Happy Friday and Happy 4th!! Tyler is still in Israel and having a great time, and I’m off to drink a margarita at any outdoor Mexican restaurant that will seat me…

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