Pwerto Rico!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Aiy Aiy Aiy Aiy!}

{That’s what I say whenever ever anyone asked me about Puerto Rico.}

I finally got off of Pinterest long enough to write a post about our recent trip to my brother’s destination wedding in San Juan.

It was fun.

We as a whole family just aren’t all in one tropical place together these days and even though not everyone could make it {and we sure missed them}, it was still nice to hang as a and fam and just relax and have fun.  The weather was beautiful, the resort was great, and the company was even better.  Andy & Christine have such great friends and Christine’s family is just as close as ours, so we all had a blast hanging out.  It was easy, effortless, and so fun.

Tyler and I found great non-stop flights out of Baltimore, a mere 45 minutes from DC.  We thought we’d make our lives easier by not taking a car and just hopping on the train.  So we got a ride to the metro station…to take the metro to Union Station…to get on a train to Baltimore…to take a shuttle to the airport…to get on a plane to San Juan.  Ridonculous.  Lesson learned.  Just drive to BWI.

Anywho, our flight was delayed and we didn’t end up checking in to our hotel until 2am.  Family excited and ready to hang out called at 7am to wake us up.  Awesome.  This is pretty much how the whole weekend went—in bed at 3, up at 8.  But it was only because we were having so much fun that we just didn’t want to waste any time sleeping!

We stayed at the Caribe Hilton, which was really close to the airport and easy to get to.  The hotel was great and the staff was amazingly kind and helpful—I would stay there again in three seconds.  If only the views from our room weren’t so awful…   07 11 11_660007 11 11_6596b

Everyday, as soon as you walk out of the lobby toward the pool, this is what you’d see…

07 10 11_6619The pools wrapped all over the place, the pool bar is to the right, the useable part of the beach was to the left, and the ocean is straight ahead.  I’m not going to lie, I spent maybe 30 minutes in the ocean.  {And it was at 2am after the wedding reception with the rest of the wedding party.}  The rest of the time I was here…

So Friday was a pool day.  Eighty people turned out for the wedding festivities, so we quickly claimed our space at the pool bar, all catching up and getting to know one another.  We’d met a few of Andy & Christine’s friends in New York when they got engaged, so it was fun to see some familiar faces and feel like we knew some of the group.

Pardon the cell phone quality of my pictures—I took them with my cell phone... Top: Me and my brother Andy {the groom}, Bottom: Tyler and my Dad.  Tyler’s hair gets ridiculous in the humidity.

We pulled ourselves out of the pool long enough to make it to the rehearsal dinner via a very confusing transport requiring two taxis, many stops for directions, a six month old baby, a strobe light, and some Lady Gaga.  But we finally made. I love this picture Stephanie captured of us sharing the video I made with Andy & Christine.

Puerto Rico 4

Saturday was more pool, but the wedding was at 3 o’clock so we didn’t spend too much time in our bathing suites before it was time for fancy clothes.  Tyler was already planning on wearing his seersucker suit, but I convinced him that he needed to go all out and just be ridiculous.  So we broke out my fedora {the hat of the weekend—see below} and his bow tie…

Puerto Rico 1{Think I’ve gotten enough mileage out of this LBD?  I feel like this is the only dress I wear these days!}

Puerto Rico 2Puerto Rico 3

The wedding was at a beautiful little catholic church in Old San Juan while the reception was on the beach back at the Caribe.  It was a little windy, but the temperature was perfect and it never rained a drop.  There was a cocktail hour with mojitos and cheese bar {mmmm…cheese} followed by dinner and an open bar.  I have no concept of time, but I’m pretty sure that all eighty of us were on the dance floor for the rest of the night.  The DJ kept announcing “Okay, this is the last song!” and then he played five more. It was so. much. fun.

puerto rico 5b

07 09 11_6635b07 09 11_663907 09 11_6638bMy hair was a little crazy after all that dancing outside, but I love this picture of me and my Dad.

Sunday was recovery day.  Nothing planned, nothing on the docket, no places to be.  So naturally, everyone went to the pool for a serious competition of beer pong.

07 10 11_6625b07 10 11_6623b  Cutest picture of Charles and Landon ever.07 10 11_6627b

I bought this fedora a few months ago that I love.  And for the record, Charles made fun of me for it when I was home for Memorial Day.  But he was singing a different tune once it was the hit of the weekend—I think everyone had it on at one point or another.  See pieces of evidence #1, 2, 3, and 4 below.

Puerto Rico Hat

Sunday night, most of the group went kayaking at Bio Bay while Charles, Landon, me, and Uncle Rob {Tyler left earlier that day} went and enjoyed a great dinner at Jam Rum Bar.  It was hard to find an open restaurant that night, but we were so glad we found this place.  It was seriously delicious.  By the end of the night, I was exhausted that Uncle Rob bought me some ice cream and I took it straight to bed and watched TV until I fell asleep.  It was a great Sunday.

Monday morning I went to clean out my bag while I was packing on and this is what I found…07 11 11_6590I just started laughing.  Somewhere along the way, my pool bag became a bootleg transport of rum. I could have been the most popular person on the plane!

Proof that we actually did leave the resort at one point… Monday afternoon before catching our flights, we walked around Old San Juan and took in some of the gorgeous sites.  It is such a neat city—so pretty and clean and I never felt unsafe.

07 11 11_6607b07 11 11_6609b07 11 11_6612b

Another official endorsement: San Juan was just a beautiful place to vacation and get married!  We loved the resort, the restaurants, no passport needed, easy flights, and relatively inexpensive overall. 

And it was so fun to hang out with my family and have my parents in one place together.  We missed my sisters, but I’m still so thankful for the time all had together.  Andy & Christine did an amazing job making sure we all had a great trip and we had a blast celebrating their love, their wedding, and their future.  Sign me up for the vows renewal!

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