Crafty Cfriday: Reupholstered Stool

Friday, July 22, 2011

I scored big time while Tyler was out of the country a few weeks ago.  Our neighborhood has a big drop-off-your-junk weekend once a month where everyone drags anything and everything, big or small, nice or crappy out to the curb to be picked up and hauled away.  So what happens is the whole neighborhood comes out to see the goods and see if there’s anything worth beating the garbage truck to.

{Read: I’m not the only one who does this!}

With Tyler gone, there was no one to stop me and Cora {and our personal driver Jared} from scouring the neighborhood drive-by style multiple times over.  Didn’t score any big items, but there were plenty of window panes and shutters to be found.  And this girl will never turn down plantation shutters…

07 02 11_6640The other items came from a garage sale we visited later in the afternoon.  Stool = $12, blue mason jar = $2, glass transistor = $2, empty frames $4 for all of them.

There was just too much good stuff there, so I quickly went into project mode: a trip to Home Depot for spray paint, Joann’s for fabric and I was ready to go.

07 02 11_6644

I couldn’t decide between the blue or the orange—the fabric was on sale so I just bought half a yard of each for $10.

I unscrewed the upholstered top, primed and spray painted the wooden base, then scuffed it up a bit…

07 02 11_6648I wrapped the top in fabric, stapled it with an office stapler, screwed it back on and…07 02 11_6649The “after” of the stool…07 02 11_6646The “after” of my legs…


Now it’s a great optional seating for guests! 

And the cost breakdown… $12 stool + $5 fabric + $6 for two cans of spray paint = $23.


As for all of my other finds, I’m still trying to decide what to do.  I was initially set on hanging an empty frame wall above our bed like these…

all crafts Decorate Walls with Empty Frames {6 diy ideas} all crafts Decorate Walls with Empty Frames {6 diy ideas}

But then…I started Pinteresting…


And I think I want to save one for Christmas {I love this for the front door) and use one for this photo keeper. Not for above the bed but for somewhere…

And all of those shutters?07 02 11_6640

Do I make something like this?Or do I save them to do something like this one day?

Pinterest is bad news for an already indecisive person!  But I luuuuuurv it.  So many great ideas and I love looking at everyone else’s pins. So, so fun…

So anyway, Happy Crafty Cfriday!  Hope you’re all surviving this heat!

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