Birfday Giffs

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

T-12 days until my birthday and just in case last night’s post was a little too serious for you, I thought I’d lighten the mood with my birthday-wishlist-daydreams. Tyler keeps asking me what I want and I simply can’t decide…

An iPhone? I’m only turning 28 but my Blackberry is turning 3, which is like 104 in cellphone years. It needs to be restarted approximately 3.6 times a day.  It’s time to put her to sleep.

Then, of course, I’ll need one of these to protect my new baby…

Or perhaps some cowboy boots? I’m a Southerner, I have way too many cute sundresses to not own any cowboy boots, and it’s almost fall…

A cover for my Kindle?  Shocked that is hasn’t been scratched yet.  Lurv this one on Etsy.

Maybe a point and shoot? Yes, we have a big fancy camera but it is way too big to carry around for everyday use and our little camera is five years old and takes terrible, grainy pictures.  In case you haven’t noticed

Jesus Calling: Seeking Peace in His Presence [Book]Rachel talks about this book all the time and I know a ton of people who have read it.  I think I would love it.

Cricut Expression personal Electronic Cutting Machine, White IncludesOr a Cricket Cutter?  I don’t really feel like I can ask for this because I haven’t done my homework in researching them and there appear to be fifteen different models ranging from $85 to $500.  All I know is that I want something that I can print vinyl stencils with from patterns I make in Photoshop.  Just thinking about all of the pillows, distressed crates, etched glass, and word art I could make makes me salivate.  Please advise.

Or perhaps a pony. Yes, I think a pony’ll do just fine.

So…I think that covers it.  I, of course, would be lucky to get just one thing off here. Or nothing because I don’t truly need anything.  This is my “Whoops—the bank accidentally deposited $1,000 in my account” daydream list. 

So, which of these should I really ask for?

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